‘Moderate amount of alcohol makes people more social’

‘Moderate amount of alcohol makes people more social’

Alcohol causes people to become more social preparation, according to research from the University of Basel. Scientists discovered that alcohol empathy increases, sexual inhibitions and reduces incentive to company of others to search.

“The research confirms what many already knew, namely, that a moderate use of alcohol people happier and more social, and less inhibited about sexual activity,” says Professor Wim van den Brink of the Free University of Amsterdam against The Standard.

“Although many people the effect of alcohol on their behaviour, is in itself already identified, there are little scientific data on the effects on the processing of socio-emotional information,” says professor and research leader Matthias Liechti of the University of Basel.


The study included thirty men and thirty women, all between eighteen and fifty years. One half drank a half a liter of beer, the other half received non-alcoholic beer (for me). Then took the participants to various tests to empathy, facial recognition and sexual arousal to key. It was found that the participants after a glass of alcohol faster happy faces to recognize, and more empathy.

Sexual inhibition

Both groups were given during the investigation, sexually explicit images. These were more pleasant, and approved by the group that alcohol drank than by the participants that non-alcoholic beer enough. Researchers conclude from this that sexual inhibitions earlier loss due to alcohol abuse.

The effects of alcohol, according to the study, is larger in women than in men. According to Van den Brink, this may among other things come by different tolerance levels and other factors.

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