Modellenagentschap from New York wants to myth break that fashion and Islam do not go together

Underwraps Agency out of New York was founded by Nailah Lymus, a designer who wants to show that fashion and Islam, however, is a match made in heaven. Now that the fashion weeks in full swing, it is interesting to look at how the muslim community has a place in the fashion industry.

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When Lymus, a few years ago began to work in the fashion industry as a stilsite found them to be but little connection between the fashion world and her faith. There were some muslim women who in the different layers of the industry were at work, such as supermodel Iman, but a lot of respect for the islamic faith, she could not find it. She got the idea that the general feeling was that Islam and fashion and glamour are not compatible.

Muslim women’s dress is usually modest, and to cover often their body and hair. Nevertheless, it is more an attitude than a choice. In the Qur’an, there are few guidelines about how we should dress, light Lymus in the The New Yorker. “The more conservative burqa for example is not required. Moreover, it should be modest not timid, mean, and can colorful fabrics and rich decorations feel free to be combined with the islamic faith.”


Reports bear witness that the islamic world is such a tweehonderdzesenzestig billion dollar spend per year on fashion. Economically, it would be so strange to this market to tap. According to a study by professor Reina Lewis at the London College of Fashion to use muslim women also often fashion to show that they have a place in our modern world. By be fashionable, they are demonstrating that they are little different from Western women.

But also for young muslim girls is of great importance that they have more girls like they see in modecampagnes and on the catwalk. ‘Puberty is a difficult period, in which many of the girls are not good in their own skin to feel. To get a sense of belonging is so important,’ says Lymus.


For her modellenagentschap Underwraps Agency will Lymus especially looking for girls and women with a distinct personality. That is what a good model needs, she says. Standard modellenmaten are of less importance for the modellenagentschap Underwraps Agency.

Not all of the models represented by the agency are also muslim, and also not all models cover their hair with a headscarf. What faith the models cleave does not matter, but they are distinguished from conventional models by a zedigere style. So too does a Jewish girl get a job at the agency because they feel more at her ease with the guidelines of Underwraps Agency.

After the fashion weeks we will discover whether this kind of agencies contribute to a greater diversity on the catwalk. That was the past few years, after all, depressingly low, already knew of the previous season a little progress.


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