Model Cesar Casier: ‘I am a fool of Ibiza, the small island has everything you need’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: Belgian model Cesar Casier.

© Cesar Casier

Cesar Casier is not sitting still. Campaigns for Armani, Mango, and Replay up writing two cookbooks, he does it all. Since he as young But moved to New York to be modellendroom to pursue, it goes fast. Yet, he is his Belgian roots, are not forgotten. Today launches Casier his third clothing line, a private knitwearcollectie: 100% Belgian and genderneutraal.

What was the best summer of your life?

CESAR CASIER: ‘That of last year. I was everywhere and nowhere. For my modelling work, I had lots of assignments abroad which took care that I hot to her flew. In between, I went on holiday in Ibiza so I finally three months was away from Ghent. That summer consisted of the perfect combination of work and vacation. The know of my current love may also count as a valid argument.’

Do you have an ultimate zomerboek? / What book we should this summer be sure to read?

CASIER: ‘I’m someone who really like biographies to read. That about Peggy Guggenheim, I found really cool and I have a three years ago, the read on holiday.’


Travel alone is quite easy, you need to with no one to take into account

What is your favorite summer destination?

CASIER: ‘I am a fool of Ibiza. You can be good and chic nightlife, but at the same time, also cheap to eat. There are busy, but also the beaches deserted. Moreover, it is a fun place to shop and it is not so long to fly. You have there everything you need, gathered on a small island.”

Where do you pull this summer?

CASIER: ‘I went to the Greek island of Paxos and went on holiday to Ibiza. Puglia is also on the schedule in september, but I will now mainly focus on my knitwear collection on the 21st of August will be launched.’

How long would your ideal summer last?

CASIER: ‘For always. I am a real zonnekind. Because I in the summer was born and my birthday like four, summer is always a time to look forward to. In the winter, I also try as much as possible the sun, and I go for my work to Australia, or Cape town. For me the summer, so last forever, even though I christmas like snow.” (laughs)

Favorite activity when the weather’s bad?

CASIER:’ A whole day cooking or watching a movie.’

© Cesar Casier

Trip you prefer to solo, romantic with two or in a group?

CASIER: ‘How strange it sounds, I love to travel alone. That is because of my work. Travel alone is quite easy, you need to with no one to take into account. I’m also just very quickly to check-in. On vacation on the other hand, I do not like to be alone. I’d rather do that with friends, in group. And preferably with the train because of the beweegruimte that you have.’

What is your favorite summer festival?

CASIER: ‘I’m not really a festival goer. WeCanDance I try every year to visit and I think it’s cool because all my friends are there. Pukkelpop is also a favorite because that’s still fairly small in comparison with, for example, Rock Werchter.’

What flavors of ice cream you can’t resist? And which ice cream flavor is missing there still in this world?

CASIER: ‘Hazelnut. And if I have a may launch than I would for popcorn.”


In Tokyo, I have a whole stock of ceramic stamped

What is the largest vestimentaire zomerblunder according to you?

CASIER: “The knickerbockers can I find atrocious, a bermudashort – especially for women – I think it is very ugly and the Teva’s I also find really not beautiful.’

What was the first trip that you ever only made?

CASIER: “When I was seventeen was, I went for my modeling all the way only to Korea. I was quite nervous because that is not at the door, and I completely on my own. My first holiday without parents was to Lloret De Mar, very marginal, when I was fourteen or fifteen years.”

Tell us about a small, secret address in the foreign country that you know.

CASIER: ‘Cala Bonita is my favorite beach in Ibiza. And the adjoining restaurant is also fantastic. Those are my secret spots in Ibiza where I really want to go.’

What is your favorite city in the world?

CASIER: ‘Sydney. Because I briefly lived I have many beautiful memories of that place. The food in Sydney is amazing, the nature is pretty impressive and there are incredibly nice beaches and people. In Europe, Lisbon is my favourite.’

What is the most overestimated travel destination?

CASIER: ‘I’m not a Barcelona fan. Everyone is always very excited about it, but for me Barcelona is nothing. That city is overrun by tourists, and to my experience is the gastronomy there is also not so great. A lot of my friends find Barcelona a fantastic city and I really don’t understand why.”

If you’re a minibar itself could fill, what sticks out sure?

CASIER: ‘Ruinart Champagne. I am a real new and drink quite like champagne, so a good bottle of champagne should certainly not be missing. Bruiswater for the day after. I would anyway, also caramel popcorn plug my favorite. And also some healthy snacks such as humus and vegetables to caps. The last Sanpelligrino Orange for the fresh taste.’

© Cesar Casier

What is the most beautiful souvenir you’ve ever brought?

CASIER: ‘All jars and ceramics from Tokyo. I’m a big fan of beautiful plates and koffietasjes when people come to eat. In Tokyo, I have a whole stock is taken. If I go on vacation, I try to always have a souvenir to bring. They are not herbs, is it a bracelet or something out of ceramics.’

Funniest reisanekdote?

CASIER: “Three days after I got with my best friend, my eighteenth birthday had in Lisbon, we will have a ticket credited back because we are there so liked. Also, a fun anecdote is that I was with my best friend in Ibiza deserved and, apparently, a hotel in Mallorca had booked in place of Ibiza. All affordable hotels were already full, so we were literally with our suitcases on the beach. The hotel in Majorca had the same name, hence the error. We are all friends started calling that there is already a place to sleep and with a lot of luck, we also have found something.’

The Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection is fully Belgian and unisex. As an animal lover donates Casier per sold garment, 1 euro to a good cause. His previous collection was the donation to an organization that the dolphins helps to survive in the Great barrier reef and giraffes protects in the wild. Click here to view the Knitwear shop.

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