Moby continues his story about relationship with Natalie Portman

Moby has responded to the statements of Natalie Portman, which contradicts that they would have gedatet with the musician. Moby let Instagram know the story from his biography.

“I recently read an article where Natalie Portman claims never with me gedatet. That confused me, because we definitely are short of time a couple were in 1999. Then, we are still years friends have been,” said the 53-year-old musician.

Moby says Portman like and respect for her intelligence and political activism. However, he does not understand why she the truth about their relationship twists. “What I’m about us in my book tell, is accurate and substantiated with evidence in the form of photos,” writes Moby.

The musician ends his message with the words: “I have respect for the fact that Natalie might regret it will have from our relationship (to be honest, I would also regret if I would have gedatet with myself), but that doesn’t change the facts of our short, romantic history.”

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“He was a much older man that scary against me’

Portman had previously at Harper’s Bazaar to know that there is nothing true of the story that she and Moby in 1999 a couple were. According to dj and producer, he was at the time 33 and Portman 20.

“I was surprised to hear that he is the short time that we interacted describes as dating, because in my memory he was mostly a much older man that scary against me.”

The actress also states that she was not twenty. “I was a teenager, I was just eighteen. That he this story has used it to his book to sell I find quite disturbing. It would be nice if he or his publisher had checked.”

Portman says that the two met after one of his concerts and then a few times together, the time spent there. “That was before I realized that it was an older man in an inappropriate way interested in me.”

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