“Mobile games were running this year, 41 billion dollar sales’

“Mobile games were running this year, 41 billion dollar sales’

In total, the gamesmarkt worldwide with a turnover of 91 billion (87 billion euro), where mobile games with 41 billion dollars (39 billion euros) the most money anyway.

Calculated market of the game industry SuperData Research over the months January to november.

In the market for mobile games provide, especially so-called freemium games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale lot of money on. Those games brought, respectively, 1.2 and 1.1 billion dollars since the beginning of this year. Monster Strike spent 1.3 billion dollars even more on.

Pokémon Go according to SuperData, a turnover turned of 788 million dollars, and he falls just outside of the top five most lucrative mobile games. Pokémon Go came in August, where the rest of the top five Clash Royale after all at least the whole year is available. Clash Royale was published in march.

PC and game console

Also, freemium games for pc deliver lot of money, with a total of 35,8 billion dollar sales on the pc market from January to december. There is a freemium game League of Legends is the largest, with a turnover of 1.7 billion dollars on in-game purchases.

Only looked at paid pc games it was in may appeared Overwatch this year, the most popular, with a turnover of 585,6 million dollars. In total, according to SuperData $ 18.6 billion revenue turned with the freemium-games for pc, and 5.4 billion with paid games.

With paid games for game consoles was a little more converted: $ 6.6 billion. On consoles the end of 2015 appeared Call of Duty: Black Ops III on top of what sales are concerned, with 591,1 million dollars. Although FIFA 16 only in september, came out, with 387 million dollars in second place. Also GTA V sells with a turnover of 378 million dollars is still strong.

VR and gamevideo’s

The market for virtual reality is still very much in attendance, shall SuperData. This year there would be a total of 2.7 billion us dollars are converted on the VR market. There would 745.000 copies of the PlayStation VR are sold, 420,000 to the HTC Vive and 355.000 Oculus Rifts. Samsung sold with its Gear VR is by far the most models, 2.3 million. The competing Google Daydream View was 261.000 sold.

With gamevideo’s on especially YouTube and Twitch was a total of $ 4.4 billion, and converted, mostly driven by popular channels as that of Pewdiepie and Machinima. Ads took videos around games 2.4 billion dollars in donations, an eye-catching usd 1.1 billion.

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