MMORPG as a sourse of mass media

MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) is one of the most popular time spending in the internet world. You can play in different game and chatting with each other at the same time. But can you imagine that a simple computer game could be a source of mass media and even can influence on your political preferences?

The one of the main functions of mass media is to entertain. So it’s obviously, when you enter the game all you want is to relax and just get pleasure from playing MMORPGs. Thank the God, people who create internet games have made all possible to satisfy our mind with good interface and graphic of high quality. And of course a big amount of quests do the games more complicated and more interesting.

The top aim of mass media is to inform. Actually this function is weekly noticed in MMORPGs. 

People just communicate mostly about the game itself, but not about other stuff. But in all rules we have some exceptions. For example, Second Life, online prototype of The Sims, includes some wide spread news about different stuff and we can share with that with each other expressing own point of view about any question.

It’s hard to imagine, but even computer games can educate in some way. And there is no exception among MMORPGs. 

Playing games in foreign language could improve your vocabulary. Chatting with players improve your communicating skills without any doubts. Also we can learn slang language, which help us to understand them better. Also some games inform us about historical things: different dates, wars, etc. As a rule it’s a strategy.

Communicative function is strongly represented in MMORPGs. Besides playing game people chat with each other, exchange some information and even get married. Very silly “possibility” in computer games, isn’t it? But there is one big plus: it connects people with real same interest, “game” interest.

When you play in the internet, you can see a lot of advertisements about new technologies in cyber industry, information about new computer games and so on. In this case MMORPGs execute so-called “advertising” function. In time when a lot of players make quests, they can know about interesting stuff of cyber world, for example about last computer competitions from Counter Strike or DOTA or something else.

Finally we could say that MMORPGs is really one of the modern sources of mass media. Should we play if we can satisfy all our mental needs? The answer is no. Life speaking is much more effective, because you know exactly whom you are speaking to. We cannot know about all events through only computer games. There are a lot of news web sites, if you prefer watching news through the internet for example.

But we mustn’t limit us in virtual world. All have a possibility to read news in newspapers and magazines. It’s healthier and more comfortable to read print text than web site. So just be with progress but not in it.

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