Mitch McConnell says that Trump is the Syria’s withdrawal a ‘grave’ error

nearvideo confusion about the details of the US-brokered ceasefire, as new fighting breaks out in Northern Syria

U.S. officials say they are not sure if the 5-day ceasefire announced, which starts from the Vice-President Pence officially; the national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon.

Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced President Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria on Friday, calling it a “serious strategic error” in an op-ed, which claimed that the movement was the US fight against Islamic terrorism in the region.

“Withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria is a serious strategic error. It is the American people and homeland will go, less safe, encourage our enemies and our weaknesses, important alliances,” McConnell, R-Ky., writes for The Washington Post. “Unfortunately, announced recently, pullout risks the Obama administration’s consideration of repeated-free withdrawal from Iraq, which has enabled the rise of the Islamic state in the first place.”


Trump has cross-party criticism for his decision, U.S.-troops from Northern Syria, effectively abandon the Kurdish fighters who have long allied with the United States, and then the way for an invasion by Turkey, with a view to the Kurds as terrorists.

But Trump welcomed the action as a “great success” after an agreement on arms secured to a standstill on Thursday. Turkey’s military incursion into the North-Eastern Syria last week, known as Operation peace spring paused during this time, so Kurdish troops pull back from a 20-mile-wide security zone on the Turkish-Syrian border. The United States and Turkey agreed that the military operation will end completely after the completion of the Kurdish withdrawal, in accordance with the offer.

In his op-ed, McConnell’s departure from the “mantle of global leadership warns America.”


“If we give up the coat today, can we be sure that a new order of the world and not on the conditions favorable for us,” he said, an apparent reference to fears, to strengthen Russia, with the U.S. withdrawal, its presence in the Middle East.

“Even if the five-day truce announced Thursday holds, the events of last week have the U.S. campaign against the Islamic state and other terrorists”, he argues. “Unless stopped, our retreat to invite the brutal Assad regime in Syria and his Iranian supporters to expand their influence. And we ignore to make use of the efforts of Russia to collect the increasingly dominant position in Syria’s power and influence throughout the Middle East and beyond.”


He urges the President to hold a “limited military presence” in Syria, as well as the maintenance of the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, before taking a shot at President Trump the comments about the ending of “endless war” with the argument that wars won’t end, but just or lost.

“America’s wars “to win infinite” only if America refuses to you,” he writes.

These concerns were shared with other radical GOP senators, including Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C., and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said that the withdrawal strengthens the Iran, Russia, and the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.


“This is a foreign policy diaster,” he said.

Trump, however, was pushed back against the criticism, and on Friday night, urging Americans to “think of how many lives we saved, in Syria and Turkey, by a truce, yesterday.”

“Thousands and thousands, and perhaps many more!” he tweeted.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin and Melissa Leon contributed to this report.

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