‘Misuse oxycodone makes hundreds of shots per year

‘Misuse oxycodone makes hundreds of shots per year

Misuse of the painkiller oxycontin provides hundreds of shots per year in Dutch hospitals. That writes the Telegraph on Saturday on the basis of the university of Leiden, scientific research.

Approximately seven hundred patients per year by means of the urgent help. Some of them have shortness of breath and others have to do with “ademdepressie’, can the breathing stop.

Albert Dahan, head of Anaesthesia and pain research of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), warns in the Telegraph that the cause lies in an combination with alcohol. Even a small amount can lead to serious consequences. Also, problems can occur after a combination with a sleep aid, according to Dahan.

“It proved to us that alcohol, even a small amount, this effect has already dramatically boosted”, in the medical journal American Society of Anesthesiologists. The alcoholeffect was studied in 24 volunteers between 21 to 77 years old that means oxycodone used. Especially in the elderly would be the combination with alcohol can be dangerous.

The netherlands

Resources as oxycodone to be in the Netherlands by almost a million people. The pain reliever is taken orally for chronic pains and for example after operations. Monthly come, according to Dahan, also a few thousands of new users.

Precise figures on the number of deaths by combined use are not currently available in the Netherlands, according to the newspaper.

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