Missouri lawmakers want to stop local plastic bans: “we hold the government”

nearvideo Missouri legislator is proposing a bill that bans cities from banning plastics

A Missouri legislator says, the use of plastic should be left for companies and consumers to decide and not the government.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As States across the country to consider anti-plastic legislation, and the prohibition of items such as water bottles and plastic utensils, a Missouri legislator is doing the opposite-he is pushing for laws that would prevent the city-the leader of the prohibition of plastic products.

The proposed law, Missouri House of Representatives, which would prevent that the local legislature of the imposition of restrictions or a ban on plastic products, including straws and cups.

HB 271 has passed an extension of the laws in force in the state in 2015, the station-cities of the ban paper and plastic bags.

“What we saw was one of several States in addition to went to engage with companies, the said with the bags,” Missouri State Rep. Dan Shaul, sponsor of the bill. “I’ve always been for less government. We keep the government out of it and let companies and consumers decide how they conduct their business.”

Shaul proposed law also prevents authorities from the imposition of a tax on plastic elements.

“Everyone talks stated about the plastic straw, but it goes beyond that,” Shaul. “We have a supermarket chain in Saint-Louis, cook your seafood for you. Now, what kind of container you put to take in it home, so it stays fresh in the same condition? I think it is best left to the consumers and dealers.”

To do for John Shulte, owner of Shulte Fresh foods in Jefferson City, his choice, with a plastic bottom-line has with the company.

“The plastic provides a nice visual for the product,” Shulte told Fox News. “You see to improve the product and the product looks good and the visibility is good. You are more likely to sell inclined to the product and sell a lot of it.”

Shulte said that while he “recycled” at home, he does not believe that the legislature impose rules on single-use plastic litter.

At least 91 bills were in cities across the country so far this year, according to data from the National Conference of State Legislative bodies. Most of the bills would ban or fee on plastic bags.

Six States, including North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia, are considering preempting local governments by a ban or fee on bags.

And while there is no current legislation in the state of Missouri that bans companies with plastic straws and the Container, the some of the companies in the state, the choice of alternatives.

Restaurants such as the Barred Owl butcher & table are the customers with metal straws.

“We have always kind of really aware of our impact on the community and in the environment, such as a restaurant,” said the restaurant owner, Ben Parks. “Restaurants, in General, tend to produce a lot of waste and we try for everything, what are ways we can minimize our waste, especially our plastic waste in any way possible.”

Research from Louisiana State University shows that more than 5 million tons of plastic, much of this comes in the ocean every year, from the Mississippi River.

That is why the opponents of the bill say jurisdiction have a say in the management of the plastic products in their communities.

“This bill creates no solution”, Ed Smith, policy Director for the Missouri coalition for the environment, told Fox News. “It just kicks the can put the road down and the use of plastic to make a problem.”

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