Missing Joey Hoffmann found dead in Turkey

Missing Joey Hoffmann found dead in Turkey

The lost Dutchman Joey Hoffmann is found dead in Turkey. That has the Dutch zoekteam in the country confirmed.

The body of the missing Haaksbergenaar is around 07: 00 hours Dutch time discovered by a dog of the Turkish police, reports the zoekteam.

The body was found in a dry riverbed at the foot of a mountain near the village of Narlikuyu, near the coastal town of Silifke, at approximately 500 metres from the ‘civilised world’. It was the place where Hofmann was last seen. The search found Monday morning place in a field of one hundred acres which have not previously searched. How he has been killed is still unknown.

The 21-year-old Hoffmann was since 8 July missing. On that day it was the man in Silifke in the company the couple Björn and Derya Breukers that also from Haaksbergen. He was together with the couple to Turkey, traveled to help with the construction of a house.

They drove on 30 June in a van from Haaksbergen to Silifke, in the province of Mersin. Hoffmann decided later to get the two to leave and would be on 8 July fly back to the Netherlands.

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Background: This we know about the death of Joey Hoffmann


Only from 28 July was a search started. The research leader blames the late intervention of the delayed entry of information in his corps.

In recent weeks the couple, Even several times by the Turkish police answered. They have the loss of their plaatsgenoot not reported to the local authorities. They stated later on of family to have heard that Hoffmann after his departure it was not returned in the Netherlands. The set may Turkey won’t leave and must regularly report.

After the loss of Hoffmann ended up Björn breuker’s still in the hospital of Silifke with serious injuries. It is not clear how he suffered. Then it is also set as missing, but a few days later turned it back on.

Dutch dogs to search Joey

It is still unclear whether the team of the Dutch zoekhondenstichting Signi Monday in the field in Turkey to find where the 21-year-old Joey Hoffmann from Haaksbergen since July 8 is missing.

Signi decided last week, on its own initiative to search around the place where the Haaksbergense three camped. That action is done with the consent of the family. Also for the Turkish authorities is the advent of Signi no problem.

In the talks with the Turkish police about the missing Hoffmann is the zoekhondenteam of Signi one scenario as plausible outlined: “Joey should be here, actually somewhere in the area”,’ says team leader, Esther van Neerbos.

The search will be more difficult of in advance thought, think Of Neerbos: “at First I thought we were in a radius of 300 to 500 metres from their campsite good chance would have to be Joey. Now that I have the terrain I have seen, I think it will be more difficult.”

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