Mischa Barton says drugged with GHB

Mischa Barton says drugged with GHB

Actress Mischa Barton says someone has GHB in her drink has done, making them Thursday was taken to the hospital.

In a statement Friday compared to People says the star of The O. C. that they have been drugged when she had her birthday party. She says that she hopes women learn from her personal experiences.

“Wednesday night I went with a group of friends for my 31st birthday celebration,” says Barton. “I noticed that my behavior while drinking still warriger was. I knew that something was not good and it only got worse.”

They went, according to her own words voluntarily to the hospital. “The medical staff told me that I have GHB in my body. After a night in the hospital is now well with me,” says Barton.

She thanked in her statement the doctors but also set up a little word in the direction of women. “Let this be a lesson to all young women, be alert to your surroundings.”

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