Miryanna of Reeden listened by severing relationship to ‘intelligence’

Miryanna of Reeden listened by severing relationship to ‘intelligence’

Actress Miryanna van Reeden says at the ending of her relationship with the Argentine cameraman Gustavo in 2010 to her mind and not her heart to have listened. The two remained after the termination of the relationship for many years to keep in touch.

“Simply because we could not forget. Even after our official break, we each other keep, because he is the love of my life,” explains Van Reeden in The Telegraph.

Gustavo was in Netherlands without a residence permit. “For many years, we continue messing about in various attempts him permanently here, but after everything possible was to in details to have figured out, I end up at the end of 2010 in the towel thrown in.”

“How hard that was for you, I listened to my mind and not my heart. Regulations decide for us that we have forgotten,” says Van Reeden (49). “It is frustrating that the have of different nationalities such thing, in our case, impossible.”

Now, according to the actress her. “I would in the future have a relationship with someone else can engage in, but currently, I enjoy been for a while incredibly of the stay a bachelor. I find it nice and quiet.”

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