Ministry proposes 2.5 million euros available for tackling Lyme disease

Ministry proposes 2.5 million euros available for tackling Lyme disease

The ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has Tuesday 2.5 million euros available for improving the treatment and management of Lyme disease.

The money is earmarked for the National Lymeziekte-centre of excellence, in which the Dutch association for Lymepatiënten (NVLP), the Radboudumc, the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) together. They concentrate more on better testing, so that the faster the correct diagnosis can be made.

Ticks that cause Lyme disease, are a growing scourge for the health. The spider-like insects found in or on trees, shrubs, tall grass or dead leaves. The character refresh themselves like in human blood by to nest near the groin, knee, armpits, bilspleten, behind the ears and around haargrenzen.

Every year, approximately 1.3 million people bitten. More than one in five tick bites one on in urban area, presented the RIVM recently. With approximately 25,000 people is Lyme disease identified. An increasing number of patients, about one thousand to 2500 people, experience long-term complaints. Among them is unrest about the diagnosis and treatment.

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The Dutch Association for Lymepatiënten offered the Second Room more than 70,000 signatures to the call to measures. After recommendations by the Health council was directed to the establishment of the Dutch Lymeziekte-centre of expertise where knowledge and research are bundled together.

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