Minister Schultz in conversation with telecom companies on auto mode smartphones

Minister Schultz in conversation with telecom companies on auto mode smartphones

Photo: René Oudshoorn/AutoWeek

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) with telecom operators in conversation, or is it possible that a car with the functions of the phone takes over if you are going to drive.

That tells the minister in an interview with the AD. According to Schultz, is the use of the smartphone on the road is a big problem.

“The driver is prohibited to use the phone while driving. Yet now, you see motorists who constantly focus on the phone in the holder to focus instead of on the road,” said the minister. “Ban is an option.”

It is already forbidden to use a smartphone to hold, but Schultz would this ban want to expand so that he is also not operated. This would cause the phone is also not operated, may be while he was in a holder.

Schultz thinks that there are more effective solutions than a broader prohibition: “I’d rather that we are smart technology, making your phone during the ride completely taken over by your car. Or that certain functions go out as you drive. We are going to debate with telecom companies.”

The minister gives this Pokémon Go as an example, a game that already has a special auto mode. “If you Pokémons to catch, turn the phone off if you go fast.”

United States

Not only the Netherlands would look into an automatic smartphoneblokkade in the car. The U.s. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), recently, new guidelines, which smartphonemakers be requested to provide a special automotive mode to develop. These would be the features of the device in the traffic block.

The guidelines are not mandatory, but U.s. companies voted in the past, often with processed guidelines.

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