Minister of Justice, united states Supreme court after new refutation travel ban

Minister of Justice, united states Supreme court after new refutation travel ban

The U.s. department of Justice get to the Supreme court, after a court in the city of Richmond the custom version of the travel ban for people from certain muslim countries from president Donald Trump, on Thursday has stopped.

According to the court, is the prohibition of discrimination based on religion.

Trump had the first version of its ‘travel ban’ updated, because that is already in use by a different court prevented. Subsequently, the president not to go to the highest court, but the prohibition to apply.

The court in Richmond treated an appeal against a judgment of a lower court in Maryland that that revised version opposed. The judge in Richmond declared that the decree of Trump “vague words” contained about national security but “speed droop of the religious intolerance, animosity and discrimination”. Ten of the thirteen judges voted eventually against the introduction of the scheme.

Supreme court

After the decision in Richmond defends minister Jeff Sessions of Justice, the measures of Trump, who according to him are necessary to the security of the U.S. to increase. The travel ban for ninety days would apply to people from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. In that time, the U.s. government has a stricter control of visa to enter.

In a statement on Thursday that the department of the total does not agree with the decision of the court and that the case to the Supreme Court, the highest court, submit.

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