Minister: Investigation into the irregularities surrounding suicide, and Epstein

The American secretary of state for Justice, said that there were irregularities in the detention centre, where the controversial businessman Jeffrey Epstein was. William Barr promises to “get to the bottom” will have to find out exactly what has happened.

The minister also stated that the potential co-conspirators of Epstein, the dance is not going to arise. “The victims deserve justice. And they’ll get it.”

Epstein (66), sat in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in new york city. “We’re discovering that there were serious irregularities in this village. They are very, very disturbing. “We demand a thorough investigation,” says Barr, on Monday, during a visit to a politiebeurs in New Orleans, louisiana.

The body is from the Epstein’s Saturday, was found in his cell. He made likely to commit suicide. The rich misbruikverdachte it was a few weeks before his death, even though wounded, found. He would then be subject to enhanced supervision are in place, but that was obviously canceled.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported in The New York Times, and the two security guards, on the fatal moment in the service of the department of the Epstein are both a lot had overgewerkt. Also, the cell mate who’s a multi-millionaire as part of the antisuïcidemaatregelen again to be moved.

Hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents detailing allegations against Epstein were last week made public by a court located in New York city.

Epstein was suspected of dozens and dozens of misbruikgevallen

Epstein was accused of dozens of underage girls have been. He would also do the girls have to be paid in order for others to be introduced. During the massage sessions, ” would he then have been forced to sexual acts.

The multi-millionaire, who is rich, it was as a manager of assets for billionaires, had homes in New York and Paris and a private island in the u.s. Virgin islands. The French Public Prosecutor’s office made on Monday announced that it will investigate whether he has been abusive practices set out in France and belgium.

Although Epstein: at the beginning of this century, has been indicted on charges of child molestation in the state of Florida, it is a very mild, and deal with the local Prosecutor’s office. This was at the end of last year, has been unveiled by the newspapers The Miami Herald, which led to the resignation of the state department of Employment, Mr. Acosta, who was at that time chief prosecutor in Miami, was.

Focus on the powerful friends of Epstein

Interestingly, there were also Epsteins friendships with influential people. He went on to work with the current Us president, Donald Trump, and his predecessor, Bill Clinton. Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom he regularly and in the circles of the multi-millionaire.

Who is friends with powerful people, and the way in which Epstein himself, commited suicide, which led, after his death, to spread all kinds of conspiracy theories. President, He then threw gasoline on the fire by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s allegations of their direct involvement in the Epsteins death.

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