Millions of pilgrims begin Wednesday with hajj

Millions of pilgrims begin Wednesday with hajj

Photo: AFP

The moslimbedevaart hajj is Wednesday, under strict security measures began in the Saudi city of Mecca. The multi-day event is regarded as one of the largest religious manifestations in the world.

About 2 million believers to the muslim holy city, to take part in the pilgrimage. About 1.7 million pilgrims, according to Saudi media coming from outside the kingdom.

The believers will gather on Wednesday at the plain of Mina near Mecca. The traditional highlight is Thursday place: then the pilgrims together at the mountain Arafat. The authorities took extra measures taken to that lead in the right direction. So are pedestrian walkways in the area, according to the newspaper Saudi Gazette protected with barricades and walls of cement.

A hundred thousand man security personnel are deployed to ensure a trouble-free course. Two years ago, during the pilgrimage by massively erupted, panic 769 pilgrims to life. Non-official figures go out of two thousand dead.

The hajj always attracts a lot of people, because every muslim is supposed to make the pilgrimage at least once in his life to do. The condition is that they are physically and financially able. According to the Dutch ambassador in Saudi Arabia are certainly four thousand Dutch muslims in the country to participate in the hajj.

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