Million Algerians protesting sixth day in a row against president Bouteflika

On the sixth consecutive Friday of protests against the Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika are possible a million people take to the streets, merged. Reports that news agency Reuters on the basis of politiebronnen. It would be the largest demonstration mean since the unrest began six weeks ago.

The Algerian authorities deny that there are so many protesters were. “The figures from Reuters are incorrect. The Algerian police has nothing communicated about numbers of protestants, against any foreign journalist.”

The protesters demands include a change to the system and the end to the reign of the president. Riot police used, according to Reuters, tear gas and rubberkogels to the protesters in check.

Bouteflika sitting in a wheelchair since he was in 2013, a stroke got. He appears rarely in public. The ruling party FLN said earlier, the idea to support of the boss of the army and Bouteflika are unsuitable to declare for the function of head of state.

Protests continue to grow

The protests are becoming bigger, since Bouteflika in the presidential elections for april for an indefinite period of time has been postponed. The 82-year-old leader will not be seeking re-election for a fifth term.

Because the elections are cancelled, Bouteflika for the time being though. Critics blame him for the constitution is astounding by, as his term of office to extend.

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