Miljardenverbouwing great mosque of Mecca is resumed after hajj

Miljardenverbouwing great mosque of Mecca is resumed after hajj

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The building of the family Bin laden resume next month, after the annual pilgrimage hajj, the construction work at the grand mosque in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca.

The huge construction project that converted 22.7 billion euro cost, it was since september 2015, a year still. Then there were 107 workers and got 400 injured after a crane was swaying and them crashed.

Also the fall in oil revenues of the state of Saudi Arabia made the resumption of the rebuilding of the impossible.

The construction company is with the Saudi authorities agreed on the payment of the damages, security guarantees and overdue wages. The SBG has no explanation.

Serious accident

After the renovation, should the moskeecomplex better the annual flow of millions of pilgrims. The past few years, fell settled much dead by the hustle and bustle.

The most serious accident was in 2015 when there in the crowd widespread panic broke out, causing around 2000 people under the foot were conquered and eventually died.

With the resume of the work seem to be better times to come for the SBG. By the fiasco with the great mosque were still more projects are shut down and the company received hardly any new orders. The construction company is the largest contractor in the Arab world.

The Saudi Binladin Group was created in 1931 by Sheikh Mohammed bin laden Sayyid, the father of Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin laden.

Large crowds at hajj in 2015

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