Military coalition: IS driven out of last stronghold in Syria

Islamic State (IS) is driven out of the Syrian village of Baghuz, report the fighters of the by the United States-backed military coalition of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Saturday. With the fall of this stronghold comes to an end the so-called caliphate.

“Baghuz is freed, the military victory over Islamic State is finished,” and, writes Mustafa Bali, the spokesman of the SDF, on Twitter.

The battle for the last stronghold was fierce. The past few months have left thousands of people, mostly women and children, the village. Among them were also several hundred IS fighters, who have surrendered to the SDF.

According to a journalist from Reuters news agency will be there every now and then still fought. Also warned the SDF-commander of the next phase in the fight even begins: the fight against the jihadist slaapcellen.

The fall of the last stronghold of IS also marks an important moment in the eight-year-long Syrian civil war. The battle continues with one player less by three parties: president Bashar Al Assad and his Iranian allies, the Turkey-backed rebels, and the US-supported SDF under the leadership of the Kurds.


Caliphate IS gone: The rise and counter-attack

End of caliphate does not mean the end of IS

A number of IS fighters is still in the remote desert in Syria. Also, there are some hiding in Iraqi cities where they have regular citizens to kidnap and commit an attack.

Moreover, jihadists in Afghanistan, Nigeria and other countries in recent years expressed support for IS. In addition, fighters in the West that sympathize new attack plans, intelligence services.

IS checked the area with over ten million inhabitants

IS claimed on 29 June 2014 a global caliphate to be established, with Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as leader. The United States are convinced that he is located in Iraq.

At the height checked IS in Syria and Iraq, a territory with more than ten million inhabitants. The terrorist movement named the Syrian city of Raqqa as the capital. The terrorist group took advantage of the Syrian civil war.

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