Military action in the Gambia is temporarily stopped by West African countries

Military action in the Gambia is temporarily stopped by West African countries

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West African countries have the military intervention in the Gambia temporarily shut down to one last chance to give to a political solution.

The action will be Friday again be started when president Yahya Jammeh is still not the power transfer to the in december elected Adama Barrow.

According to the countries, it is impossible that Jammeh remains on as president of the Gambia. But if mediation works may Yammeh itself a country where he was exiled, said the authorities.

Neighbouring Senegal began Thursday with the invasion in the Gambia. “We are in the Gambia”, the Senegalese army is known. In the invasion of that operation “restore democracy”, were resources on land, in the sea and in the air used.

Thursday became the new president of the Gambia Adama Barrow all at the Gambian embassy in Senegal ingezworen president. Shortly thereafter began the military intervention in the Gambia itself.

Barrow won the election in december of the then incumbent president Jammeh. Barrow left after the won, however, to Senegal because Jammeh the power would not transfer. “This is a day that no Gambiaan during his life will be forgotten,” said Barrow during a speech that followed the military intervention.


Gambian president Barrow ingezworen in Senegal, intervention Gambia started

Travel advice

The ministry of Foreign affairs had a negative travel advisory issued for the capital city of the Gambia. For Banjul applies a so-called code red. The travel advisory was earlier this week already changed to orange. That applies to the whole country, apart from the capital.

Foreign Affairs recommends that people who are in Banjul with clamp to stay indoors and only go to other places to travel when required. The airport is still open and there leave on commercial flights out of the country. However, there is a chance that the airport is suddenly closed, according to the ministry.

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