Miley Cyrus: ‘Donald Trump congratulated me with my twerkoptreden’

Miley Cyrus got herself a phone call from Donald Trump after her famous performance at the MTV VMA’s, where she twerkdansje performed alongside singer Robin Thicke.

Trump called Cyrus, who after the show in the Trump Tower stayed, a day after the gig. “He said that he thought it great,” says the singer and actress, who recently married Liam Hemsworth in Vanity Fair.

“And now he is our president. I cried that I would be moving if he was going to be president. A lot of people have things called that they actually thought, because we sincerely thought that there listened to us it would be”, the 26-year-old Cyrus further.

“Maybe people would realize how harmful it is for our country would be like if he was going to be president. Of course, that was not so. And what would my any move to change it? As a proud activist, I would leave others in a racist, sexist, hateful jerk.”

The twerkoptreden, where the singer with her buttocks against the crotch of Thicke, scouring, caused a lot of fuss. “I wasn’t trying to be sexy”, claimed them at the time. “If I tried sexy to do, then I had sexy. I can do much better dancing than I did then.”


The ‘twerkoptreden’ of Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMA’s in 2013

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