Mike Gravel, weighs presidential run, such as the Twitter fans to help him try and go viral

The former democratic U.S. sen. Mike gravel of Alaska, 88, is the latest to run for President. (Twitter / Mike Gravel)

Democratic former Sen. Mike gravel of Alaska, 88, is considering a run for President — and some fans say they do, to promote what you can his Twitter cred.

On Tuesday evening, a tweet race, and his reputation to push appeared to be in his name references to the 2020 the Democrats further to the left.

The first is the tweet: “#Gravel2020.”

Then the next: “I’m thinking of running in the 2020 primaries,” the announcement read. “The goal is not to win, but to bring a critique of American imperialism, the democratic debate stage. The website ( is under construction. The official announcement will be in the next few days.”

Later, in an attempt to go viral, “guys, let’s try this baby trending #GRAVEL2020 #GRAVEL2020 #GRAVEL2020”

Gravel did not run for President in 2008, and he has been a senator since 1981.


Henry Williams, who helped you take over the account, told Fox News by E-Mail: “The account is real, the senator supports, and it is of young employees, including myself (I am a student at Columbia University), and we are very proud of the massive increase in of the following it has in the last 24 hours.”

Henry Williams, 18, contributed to, through the account of the former Democratic U.S. sen. Mike gravel of Alaska, 88, will consider a run for President. (Henry Williams)

The 18-year-old studied physics, computer science, and philosophy, but also indecisive, a major, said the Twitter account grew from around 3,000 followers to almost 21,000 followers within 24 hours with non-sponsored posts at all.

The kids liked his message from the past, albeit in the margins, and she felt that it was time for him to go into the middle.

Williams added: “I did this because I am disturbed with our policy and think that the democratic party needs a voice on the left-hand side, the shift in the dialogue about democracy, justice, and American interventionism. Gravel is a brilliant man with strong convictions, who have spent decades in missionary and for a just society, a truly democratic system, and an end to the endless wars.”

You feel his foreign policy views really challenge the American plutocracy.

The pinned tweet reads: “This is a campaign to remake the Democratic party, expand to push the Overton window, and other candidates to the left. And for that, we need your donations in order to qualify for the debates. Not right now, but SOON. So, please follow + please, all you have to do is to follow. #Gravel gear”

Williams said: “After the contact with him and know him, he got behind an exploratory Committee and gave us the reins in the Hand, to present to his presence in the social media, his positions and beliefs in a way that would correspond to the Internet. I am optimistic that his candidacy, the press, the entertainment in the Democratic party on the left, and force other candidates to face harsh criticism for their records and positions.”

An exploratory Committee, as Politico reported, which was already formed, — an explanation of the organization of the Federal Election Commission was filed on Tuesday.


Williams told the Rolling Stone that he and the other creators are planning a trip to California, with gravel.

In the meantime, the pebble tweet about his young fans to his thousands of followers.

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