‘Migratory birds provide for the dissemination of avian influenza H5N8’

‘Migratory birds provide for the dissemination of avian influenza H5N8’

The avian influenza virus H5N8 is most likely spread by migratory birds from Asia to North America and Europe withdraw from summer breeding grounds in the arctic.

These are the conclusions of researchers of the Erasmus MC and the University of Utrecht. They publish their findings in Science.

In 2014 and 2015 were millions of birds in Japan, North America and Europe are infected with the H5N8 virus, which in early 2014 was surfaced in South Korea. This is for the first time clear how the virus spread so rapidly it could spread.

Researchers arrived at their findings by looking at how certain species of migratory birds with H5N8 worldwide during seasonal changes, worn.

Global approach

“The spread of bird flu is a global problem and needs global to be tackled,” says Thijs Kuiken of the Erasmus MC. “It is great to see that scientists at this scale, work together to find a solution.”

Chick thinks that in the future it should be possible to farmers rather to warn about possible virus outbreaks.

Some forms of avian influenza can be lethal to poultry and dangerous for humans. H5N8 is highly infectious for poultry and transferable to people.

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