Migratiedebat US re-started by the picture of the drowned migrants

A series of gruesome photos of a drowning, Salvadoran immigrant, and his two-year-old daughter by the banks of the Rio Grande in the United States, to the great indignation and led to. The two died while being illegal, the border between Mexico and the U.S. were trying to cross it.

Why is the Us migratiedebat once again it is flared up

  • The recent deaths of migrants
  • The neglected children are placed in detention centres in the south
  • Democrats want billions spent on humanitarian aid

The 25-year-old Óscar Ramírez fled with his 21-year-old wife and their daughter from El Salvador. Sunday afternoon, decided to the family of the river, which is notorious for its dangerous currents, and, as a natural boundary between Mexico and the US is about to cross the

The two bodies were on Monday found. The mother knew of the American continent to achieve this, according to a report published by a Mexican district court, which has been seen by news agency AFP.

The photo of the dead man, the father of a young girl, who lay flat on their stomachs in the shallow water, it was Tuesday, and published by the news agency AP. The image is very reminiscent of the iconic image of the death of a Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, who, in september 2015, it was heard. The image also helped to ensure that there will be more attention to the vluchtelingencrisis in Europe.

Also, the photo of Ramírez and his daughter is not an isolated case. Over the past few days have been on the borderline between Mexico and the USA, several bodies of the migrants are brought to the surface. It was also for kids and babies. These cases have the debate on U.s. immigration policy will again be on the lookout at all times.

Yet still neglected, children placed in detention centres

The debate was also fuelled by reports of severely neglected children in a reception centre on the Texan border police and at the Same time. The lawyers beat the previous week, the alarm, after more than three hundred of the children of migrants were found in overcrowded reception centre.

According to the lawyers, the children were already, for weeks without enough food and drink to hold. It is also apparent from the reports that the children in ragged clothes, wore out, and that’s for the older kids and the younger kids made.

Because of the ensuing controversy, decided to come to the acting commissioner, and John Sanderson, of the AUTHORITY, and the U.s. bureau of customs and grensbescherming, resigned his post to serve you.

The international controversy around the children in the cages

Last year, the company also has an international sense of outrage over children in cages were being held.

Since the 2018 and may be the adults who are illegally crossing the border are subject to prosecution. The result of this is that children of divorced get from their parents and placed in detention centres end up in.

In spite of an order of the court, which said that families were to be reunited, it turns out that the border police are still hundreds of children are locked. Journalists and human rights defenders get barely any access to these locations.

The temporary reception centre and at the Same time, where the children of migrants are being held. (Photo: AFP)

Democrats wish to to 4.5 billion available for humanitarian aid

On Wednesday, it decided a Democrat in the U.s. House of Representatives, of the 4.5 billion dollars (4 billion euros) for humanitarian aid to the south.

The proposal by the White House, the Democrats, with a barrier; they may fear that He in this way, the aanspeelt to massadeportatie of immigrants in the united states, have been reported to seek asylum. There have been a few changes made, such as ensuring that the children of migrants to eat, medical care, and sanitation are given. That’s not the case at all.

However, it is still an open question whether the Republican-controlled Senate will also approve it. The White House has already announced that the Us president is Donald Trump, the bill passed with a veto, it will be blocked if it is “in its present form” to the office of the president, finds himself in.

In the u.s. He blames the Democrats to “take advantage of the current crisis.

Mexico controls more stringent, to limit

In the meantime, sitting in the U.S., thousands of immigrants stuck at the border. They are waiting for their immigratieprocedure. The full measures are the direct result of the migratiegolf from mainly Central America, and this spring, across the continent to me.

To step up the pressure on U.s. detention facilities to ease the Mexican government is under a lot of pressure from Home to decided to limit the monitoring to verify. The U.s. president threatened the duties in the conduct of Mexico was not going to do it to make illegal immigration to continue.

Last week, it was announced that the Mexican border patrol already, 791, illegal immigrants had been apprehended and detained near the southern border. Among the immigrants were 368 children who are eight years old or younger.


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