Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion can be described as a skin resurfacing treatment which utilizes tools or even products intended for the purpose of use at your home, in an effort to rejuvenate as well as restore the natural glow of the skin’s surface. This microdermabrasion technique is very simple and not to mention painless too.

The good thing about the microdermabrasion technique is that this is every bit as effective on different types of surgical procedures, for instance laser skin resurfacing or even dermal abrasion as well as chemical peels which are used in the case of superficial skin imperfections only.

Nowadays, microdermabrasion can be carried out at home as well, however in the beginning this procedure was carried out by cosmetic or plastic surgeons that made use of hand-held equipment or machines like sandblasters to be able to spray as well as circulate increased pressure of crystal flow on the skin’s surface.

Machines for microdermabrasion are manufactured using a compressor as well as pump, which gently combines abrasion together with suction to be able to effectively peel off the skin’s outer layer, which is approximately 10 to 15 microns of skin, a layer is so thin that you are simply unable to see it. The complete procedure, as opposed to dermabrasion or perhaps laser skin surgery, is not going to require more than half an hour to one hour. It is possible to have this procedure done on the face, neck area, chest, back, hands as well as feet.

For me, professionals had carried out the very first microdermabrasion treatment, but the majority of women do begin treatment using a home microdermabrasion kit. These types of kits are undoubtedly less expensive than visiting a plastic surgeon or even going to a daytime spa or med spa. However, it really is tricky deciding on a product that suits your skin type. You will find a large number of home microdermabrasion kits that are available these days. Some of these kits happen to be really good while others are merely a total waste of money as well as time. Personally, I have come across just a handful of products that have really worked. A few of these products, which happen to be the best of the lot are Neutrogena, Youthful Essence as well as Dermanew.

One important thing that I really like most with regards to microdermabrasion, whether it is the at-home or even the office version, is that this procedure does not hurt in the least. Since I have a very low pain threshold, this had been an essential aspect in my opinion. The majority of people I spoke with regarding microdermabrasion stated that they all experienced a tingling sensation during the course of treatment as well as a windburn-like sensation later on. Within the initial 24 hours, the surface of the skin does appear red to some degree, nevertheless which is where the discomfort comes to an end. Yet, the best part about microdermabrasion is the fact that although it is equally effective as some other, far more invasive types of skin procedures, it will enable you to return to your day-to-day routine almost immediately. Sixty minutes post treatment and I returned home, not to mention commenced my day-to-day chores and even picked up my children from school. You may find that you might require anywhere between five to a dozen microdermabrasion sessions. For best results, these microdermabrasion sessions should be scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart.

The Reason why Microdermabrasion Should be Chosen:
The key reason why I chose microdermabrasion is that this procedure has no downtime, which is also commonly referred to as recovery time. Microdermabrasion is also referred to as the lunchtime procedure. The microdermabrasion procedure is very similar to a facial massage; hence this procedure is not very aggressive by nature.

Results Following the Initial Treatment:
Once the very first professional Microdermabrasion treatment, which includes 12 abrasion sessions, scheduled a couple weeks apart had successfully been completed, I detected an all round improvement in my skin. The reddish colored spots, not to mention the scars left behind from my acne were undoubtedly reduced. After 2 months, this microdermabrasion treatment was followed by a maintenance abrasion.

Results after 3 Years

Within the last couple of years I got 2 Microdermabrasion treatments done which comprised of 10 sessions each along with maintenance. These procedures were then followed by 2 long gaps of 5 months each. Throughout this period of 10 months I made use of home microdermabrasion kits.

Microdermabrasion Results Revealed:
I have completely forgotten about age spots or liver spots on the face, neck area, d?collet? as well as arms.
A lesser amount of noticeable lines around the mouth area.
Reddish colored spots as well as acne scars on the cheeks, chin area as well as the forehead are gone. However, I continue to have 2 to 3 scars on my cheeks, which are much deeper. But, even though they are still quite prominent, they too are fading beautifully.
No more blemishes.
Pregnancy stretch marks will decrease considerably.
This procedure will make you appear and feel a lot younger.
Microdermabrasion procedures are capable of doing any or even all of the following:
This procedure helps to revitalize lackluster skin
Enlarged pores are considerably reduced
Wrinkles and fine lines as well as acne scars are completely erased
Hyperpigmentation, age spots or liver spots as well as stretch marks have all been taken care of
Microdermabrasion is undoubtedly a favorite for the reasons that have been mentioned below:
This is the very least invasive dermatological procedure
Less expensive as compared to surgical skin care treatments
Treatment is virtually pain-free
Readily available in the form of home microdermabrasion systems as well as kits
This procedure does not have any unwanted side effects
It has proved effective on just about all skin types including sensitive skin as well as colors of skin which include black colored skin
Unlike the micro laser peel as well as dermabrasion procedures, this particular microdermabrasion procedure does not require an anesthesia whenever carried out at a beauty salon or a physician’s office
Provides the surface of the skin with a healthy-looking glow

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