Mick Jaggers autobiography that will never appear

The London-based publisher John Blake claims to be the only copy to own an autobiography of Mick Jagger from the early ’80s. Issue can he not, however, since the management of the Rolling Stones opposes.

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According to publisher John Blake explained to Mick Jagger a few decades ago, his soul bare in an autobiography which, until recently, the existence is not known.

Blake claims to be the only one to own it to 75,000 words story manuscript, which he describes as “extraordinary” and even compares it to “the Dead sea scrolls”. The publisher, who is of the opinion that Jagger has worked with a ghostwriter, was allegedly in the possession of the memoirs (including handwritten notes from the singer) via “common friend” about three years ago.

According to Blake the manuscript was written in the early ’80s, but when the publisher rejected because there is not enough “sex and drugs” in common, in a period in which a successful biography had to be shocking.

To order the book publishing approached Blake Mick Jagger over the Rolling Stones manager Joyce Smith, who in the first instance a copy early because the singer is the existence totally could not remember. Smith confirmed later that there are actually an authentic work went and asked if Jagger a preface could write to explain that the text was written in the beginning of his career, according to Blake.

That dragged on, however, because Jagger too busy with other projects and after Blake repeatedly insisted to Smith, he received the 2015 a ‘no go’.

The chance that there is ever an autobiography of Jagger, is very small because in 2014, said the rock star is still to The Hollywood Reporter: “I think there’s already more than enough rock ‘n’ roll memoir. If anyone wants to know what I in 1965 did, he must have a Wikipedia, but on the road.”

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