Michigan man leaves everything behind and walks 6,000 miles from Portugal to Turkey

Chris Lemanski made a 18-month, 6000-mile journey through Europe.

(Chris Lemanski)

A Michigan man decided to leave it all behind and see the world, one step at a time.

Chris Lemanski, 26, who was born in Santa Rosa, California, but now lives in Traverse City, Michigan., made the foolhardy decision to walk, not run, in the whole of Europe. Lemanski told Fox News he made the trip after going through a difficult time.

“I went through a pretty bad depression,” he said. “I was ready to give up and say to the hell.”

The young man asked his cousin for advice on how to clear his head and he told him to take a long walk. Lemanski did just that.

The traveler decided to take the trip in April 2016 after going through a period of depression.

(Chris Lemanski )

In April 2016, Lemanski decided to travel to the search of paths and saw that he was from Portugal to Istanbul, Turkey. The traveller said: “everything seemed to shift in place after he bought a cheap ticket to Istanbul.

Lemanski tour in 18 months, three months he was stuck in Morocco, after he exceeded his visa for three months. However, he was able to sneak out of the country and with the boat to Germany, where he continued his journey.

For how much money he has spent in 18 months, Lemanski said he saved and the people were friendly.

“I saved money, I bought a ukulele and played on the streets,” Lemanski said. “I also accepted money donations from my blog.”

He also said that people bought him beers and dinners.

Lemanski said that people were generous during his entire trip with the exception of Luxembourg, but he explained that he was “it smells pretty bad at that point” and was “pretty hairy.”

The worldly traveler reflected on what he learned on his journey.

“You realize that you’re much stronger than you think,” Lemanski said.

Chris Lemanski, said the trip made him realize that he had no idea how strong he is.

(Chris Lemanski)

He explained that the walk made helped his anxiety and made him quiet.

“You learn to tolerate the pain and discomfort,” Lemanski said. “You learn to enjoy it after a while.”

For his next trip?

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll go to the Peace Corp. Maybe I’ll go to Germany for my masters or teach English in China,” he said.

Chris Lemanski said he wasn’t sure where his next journey would be the next.

(Chris Lemanski)

Lemanski said that he was sure he wanted to travel around the world and be comfortable with in one place.

Fox News asked the traveller if he sang songs like The Proclaimers “I’ m Gonna Be (500 miles) ” or Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” during his trip.

Lemanski laughed and said, ” yes, but Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” was sung many times along the way.

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