Michigan gubernative candidate came to view Nassar victims of the parents in the latest campaign

Michigan Attorney gen Bill Schuette, who is the GOP candidate for Governor, praise for his handling of the Larry Nassar’s case, the parents of the victim displays in the last campaign.

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The parents of a young girl who was sexually attacked, by former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar praise Republican gubernative candidate Bill Schuette, in a couple of new campaign ads, saying he had “a voice for the vote” in his dealings with the case.

As Michigan attorney general, schuette’s office a criminal complaint against Nassar, who spend several decades in prison for child pornography and abuse. He was accused of the abuse of hundreds of people, including Olympic gymnasts and Michigan State athletes, the decades of life.

Schütte, is running for Governor in a tight race against Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. Fox News has a Ranking under the Michigan gubernatorial election as a tossup.

In a recently released campaign ad, Lee, and Mark Weick Schütte applaud for his handling of the case against Nassar. The couple from Midland, Michigan, said her daughter, Helena, were attacked by Nassar, when she was just 12 years old.

“If Larry Nassar preyed on my daughter and hundreds of other young women, Bill Schuette, came to the front. Bill and his team were the survivors and their families, and put Nassar behind bars for life,” Mark Weick said in an ad. “Take it from a grateful father: Bill Schuette, is unwavering in his commitment to justice and healing for the survivors.”

In a longer display, Lee Weick said chute, “had to give the approach, one voice, to give the survivors a voice in the voting”. She said, he “followed the case with tenacity, and compassion, to Nassar was convicted, and it was justice for our daughter and for all the survivors.”


While Nassar, the verdict earlier this year, more than 200 people in the two counties were in the position statements give in detail the emotional and physical abuse they suffered at the hands of Nassar.

Nassar had pleaded guilty to the attack, seven people in the Lansing area between 1998 and 2015.

Schuette told The Detroit News his office pushed for the reimbursement of the victim-impact statements as part of Nassar’s plea deal, despite the objections of the former doctor and his lawyers.

“You didn’t want a public discussion about this,” said Schütte. “He wanted to plead guilty, and I said, ‘well, but any survivor who wants a victim impact statement in court or in a written Declaration have had this opportunity.'”

Schuette said his office had expected only to speak that about 50 survivors, in contrast to the 204.


Lee Weick said their family was very political, but she wanted to return Schuette, because the support he gave them.

“We were not involved in politics, but we feel strongly that if someone takes responsibility, and is a civil servant and his work, well … that must be appreciated and supported,” she said to The newspaper Detroit News. “That’s what Bill Schuette.”

Schütte is not the first candidate in support of Nassar the survivors for a campaign. Rachael Denhollander and Kaylee Lorincz appeared in a commercial with the title “justice” for Lt. Gov., Brian Calley, lost the GOP primary earlier this year.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder is prevented from running for re-election this year due to the conditions.

Schütte has been endorsed by President Trump.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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