Michel Platini was arrested in the investigation of assignment of world cup 2022 to Qatar

Michel Platini, it is Tuesday morning were arrested in France. The arrest of the former football player and the president of the European bond and UEFA come out of an investigation into corruption in the award of the fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar.

According to the French onderzoekssite Mediapart is Platini held in the premises of the anti-corruption unit prosecutors in Nanterre-la défense, just outside Paris, france. An anonymous official of the French justice confirms that the news of the arrest of Platini, in a conversation with news agency AP.

The 63-year-old Frenchman has publicly admitted that he was, in december of 2010, when the voting for the award of the fifa world cup 2022 to Qatar has chosen.

The French magazine France Football has reported for more than two years later, that Platini would have done so at the request of the then French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is an allegation that the former champions have always denied the offers. “The revolution I never asked for the Qatar match. But I knew what it would be,” said Platini in 2015, at an AP.

Mediapart post on Tuesday that Claude Guéant, a former secretary-general of the y, are also heard by the French justice system. He’d seemed to have.

Platini, who in 2007 was appointed as the chairman of the union, it was in the year 2015 for each of the eight-year ban by the ethics committee of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA because the receipt of a fee of € 1.8 million, the then-FIFA president Blatter. That suspension was, after a number of appeals was reduced to four years.

France Football published in 2013, is a great onderzoeksverhaal on the allocation of the world cup to Qatar. ()

The FIFA investigation found no evidence of corruption

The assignment of the fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar, and it was from the very beginning to be controversial. Not only because of the lack of voetbalcultuur, and in the heat of the oliestaatje, but also because of allegations of corruption came out.

Michael Garcia, who has started in 2012 in the behest of the FIFA investigation into possible corruption in the allocation of the world cup of 2018 (Russia) and 2022. After a year and a half, the American lawyer, there is no hard evidence for corruption. However, he encountered during his research on the many anomalies and unexplained matters relating to the bidding procedure of the united arab emirates.

FIFA brought it in 2014 in the first instance, only an executive summary of the report of the Tower to the outside. Three years later, the bond from the date of notification to the German newspaper, Bild, still the whole of the report, 430 pages.

The winners looked at in the investigation report, any response, to the allocation of the world cup of 2018 and 2022 to do it. Garcia, who hasn’t been able to find it in the conclusions drawn by FIFA on the basis of his report, and explained his role as principal investigator of the association, in december 2014, down to it.

By Michael Garcia. ()

The French are already looking for some time to the role of Platini

The Swiss justice has started 2015 with a study of the allocation of the world cup of 2018 and 2022. A year later, said Eliane Houlette, a French public prosecutor’s office, that the country is a large-scale study has wanted to do for the assignment of the fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar.

The leadership has called for the role of Platini in the award’s three years ago, may be crucial for, among other things, after the election, was the son of the former professional footballer is a great job at an investment company from Qatar, was present.

The organising committee of the fifa world cup 2022 have always denied that Qatar, and the rules for the bidding procedure.

With the world cup in Qatar will be held from november 21 to december 18, 2022. In the heat of the oliestaatje may not be in the summer, to be played, making the world cup for the first time, in the winter it will be organized.

The former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, made on the 2nd of december 2010 the fifa world cup of 2022 to Qatar is. ()

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