Michael Multilingual, he reveals the homeless: ‘I went on Grindr connections just to have somewhere to sleep’

Michael Multilingual reveals he’s homeless in his latest web series episode, ” Peeew,” he says, “began to go on Grindr connections just to have somewhere to sleep.”

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A recent turnaround in fortune has forced the “Club Kid Killer” Michael Multilingual at least one night sleeping under a bridge.

In the latest episode of his and Ernie Glam’s web-series “Peeew,” posted on YouTube on Monday, Multilingual, 52, revealed he is currently homeless after a fall out with the owners of the Art Factory in Patterson, N. J., where he had worked as an artist, and presumably life, as recently as this spring.

“I was the first to stay in hotels. … But that counts and the food was all my money. Because they gave me some money to leave the first building. So I had some money saved, but when that ran out I was hustling the whole day trying to raise $150 to pay for the hotel, and then by the time I had raised the money that it was time to raise $150. So all of my time was spent trying to survive and living in hotels. Eventually, the money ran out and I could not cope with the stress it causes.”

Because of that, the ex-club promoter, who has 17 years in prison for manslaughter for his 2014 release, turned to Grindr for help.

“So I went on Grindr connections just to have somewhere to sleep,” he went on. “You know, it’s funny, if you’re on a Grindr connection, and you want to leave they want you to stay and if you want to stay, they want you to leave. So I had to do or that I wanted to leave and they would go ‘No, stay, stay!’ That it worked, by the way. So I did that, back and forth between that and the people of the banks.”

But as with his money, his luck with Grindr eventually ran out, too. After exhaustion of his options on the app, Multilingual recently found themselves walking back to Manhattan and the Bronx when an unexpected confluence of circumstances that ended with him spending the night under a bridge.

“My legs were tired and I just wanted a place to sit, away from the maddening crowds, so I took a look around this disaster, on the highway, there was like a construction site down there and I just walked along, until I saw a place where I could sit down,” he explained. “And I must have passed because I woke up the following afternoon at three o’clock, it was like a whole other scene of pneumatic drilling and people walking around, and I woke up and was like, ‘Oh my god, I live under a bridge.'”

While an exact timeline for his homelessness is never given, Multilingual not appeared on one of the last two “Peeew” episodes, his most recent appearance on the show before Monday is coming on 1 June.

Why it took so long to speak out about his plight, Multilingual, who has difficulty staying out of trouble since his release from prison, explained, “I didn’t really want to publicize it too much because I didn’t want it to end up on Page Six. It would be embarrassing.”

Page Six links Multilingual a sms message to provide additional comments on Tuesday.

This article originally appeared on Page Six.




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