Michael Moore says Sanders’ revolution also have been much for ‘demoralized’ voters want to Trump

in the vicinity ofthe video after the absence, of Michigan, is the writing on the wall for Bernie Sanders?

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders runners, as Joe Biden claims big victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri; reaction and analysis from Chris Hahn, the Moderator of the “Aggressive Progressive” podcast and Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Mollie Hemingway.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter, said Tuesday night that the prompt “demoralized” Democratic voters, who just want President Trump out-of-office to support the dramatic political and economic changes promised the senator may already be too much for you.

“You are scared, you are demoralized, it’s like a disease has spread across this country and certainly in Michigan, and the people not even a day,” said Moore can, lives in Michigan, said on MSNBC, after the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, the state won on Tuesday.

“The fact that the Corona-Virus has driven home how much danger we are in with this Person in the White house-ask people to do two things: get rid of Trump and get rid of the system, the political and economic system, the trump card for us-it was too much to ask, I think, for people who are just like, ” we Can trump just get rid of it.'”

He also suggested that Biden’s supporters were as “nostalgic about the past of the things OK, before trump.”


Moore was an avid fan of Sanders and kicked him in the election more than once.

He stressed, there are to agree with many of the delegates yet to win in the USA, and each state should say “to.”

“The game is not over yet,” he added. Still, Biden is a favorite for the victory in several States, including Florida, where he held a double-digit lead in the polls over Sanders.

Moore said that none of Sanders’ supporters to give to the candidate policies and values implemented in a new administration, if Trump is elected out of office.

He also noted that those who do not support, Sanders should not be “demeaning or self-pleasing” to young voters, who went for him in large numbers about Biden.

Sanders “received the most votes by our young Americans,” Moore said. “We can’t win in November without them.”

Biden won in four States, including Michigan, Tuesday evening, where he defeated rates Sanders double-digit growth. Washington state and North Dakota were to call close to to.


In 2016, Sanders Michigan won in a narrow upset against Hillary Clinton has led in the polls.

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