Michael Cohen promotes “Good Morning America” interview, said: “My silence is broken’

President Trump’s former lawyer, on Sunday an interview, and promoted the broadcast to be set on ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

(Michael Cohen/Twitter)

President Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, on Sunday, tweeted that he sat down for an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America”, and announced: “My silence is broken!”

Cohen does not go into Detail about the “not in front of the camera” – interview with George Stephanopoulos, but was a black-and-white to sit the picture of the two of them together. The interview will be revealed on Monday, to read the tweet.

“Spent the Saturday afternoon with @GStephanopoulos @abc (not the camera) interview for Monday @GMA” Cohen tweeted.”My silence is broken!”

Prosecutors in New York have publicly said they are investigating alleged fraud in Cohen’s business, but not yet passed on details. He was a well-known name, when it was revealed that he paid for Stormy Daniels 130,000 to promise dollars, not about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump before the election.

My family & I are owed an apology. After 2 years, 15 hours of testimony before the house & Senate under oath & more than 1000 documents, Dossiers misreports produce 15 statements about me. My entire statement must be specified – I had nothing to do with the Russian collusion or interference!

— Michael Cohen (@MichaelCohen212) June 28, 2018

Cohen was coy on Twitter in the past.

He quotes the Buddha, writing that “three things cannot be hidden long, the sun, the moon and the TRUTH” and has also asked for an apology for the extent of “misreports” and the allegations made public. He tweeted on June 28, “I had nothing to do with the Russian collusion or interference!”

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for Trump, earlier this month tried to rest claims that Cohen, the cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could.

“It is not so. He is not to cooperate, still we worry, because the President did nothing wrong,” he said. “I’m absolutely sure.”

When asked if the Trump team was concerned that Cohen may have tape-recordings, exist, without your knowledge, Giuliani, that the President was and is “clean as a whistle.”

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer Daniels, responded on Twitter: “If Mr Cohen was really a “off-camera” interview with @GStephanopoulos (whom I respect) to @GMA, he is dumber than I thought. He’s playing games and trying to play both sides. There is only one way he can be any legitimate shot at the rescue of his reputation.”

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