Michael Cohen official unveiling of” Dems ” push charges Trump, Rush Limbaugh says is hear

in the vicinity ofthe video, Michael Cohen: President Trump is a racist, an imposter and a fraud

Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday, Michael Cohen, public congressional hearing of the “official unveiling of the Democrats” impeachment process of President Trump called.”

“All of this is about the ongoing retaliation for Donald Trump to beat still with Donald Trump for daring to Hillary Clinton. But, never forget, people. If anyone, including Cohen, had evidence that would send Donald Trump, I guarantee you, he would be a bargain, not in jail,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “The fact that Michael Cohen is going to prison, is a positive proof for me that he doesn’t diddly-squat in terms of legality or illegality on the trump card.”

Cohen, President of Trump’s former lawyer, to prison, to be sent in may for a series of costs that include campaign Finance violations. Wednesday saw him witnesses at the second of three hearings in the Congress, and the only one that public.


Limbaugh continues to lambaste Democrats and imply that the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was involved.

“And we’ve just learned that Cohen has been coordinating all of this with Democrats. And why shouldn’t he? This is his card. This is his ticket to a reduced time in prison. Lanny Davis, it may be that Hillary Clinton is sitting behind Michael Cohen,” Limbaugh said.


During Wednesday’s hearing, Cohen admitted in an interview with House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., prior to the hearing.

Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, a special counsel for former President Bill Clinton and a longtime Clinton ally.

“There are two things here: the punishment of trumps won, smear him, destroy him, the family, everything that may destroy it. But at the same time, you want to you go away on this charge, because you really need to be concerned that Trump could be elected,” added radio talk show host.


Limbaugh also said Cohen himself contradicted at the hearing.

“You know, what is the great contrast to this is today so far? He made a big deal in his opening statement, pointing out, as Trump want to win, not expecting to win,” Limbaugh said. “And then, on the other side of his mouth, he describes a man who will do anything to win, including pointed him porn stars pay off. This is a huge contradiction. The guy did not want to win. Not expected to win. And yet the description, we do get a ruthless, anything to win at any price.”

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