Michael Cohen, in search of confirmation, can not use most of the ammunition against Trump

nearvideo trump, the Republicans dismissed Cohen’s agreement to testify before the House Oversight Committee, before going to prison

Some journalists are already Michael Cohen touts as the next John Dean, casting his upcoming congressional testimony, which is nothing less than historic.

But they are likely to Jack up to high expectations.

While President of the Trump switch-on, the former personal lawyer, before a house Committee, say a TV spectacle, Cohen’s allies, he will testify under great limitations.

The bigger story, they say, is how this man, who is bound himself so closely to Trump was completely devastated and, in a sense, the search for salvation.

Cohen is broke. His wife and his family under a tremendous emotional strain. He is the first surgery a week before his testimony for a bone spur in his shoulder, not letting him lift his arm. The family lives in a room with insurance benefits after a flood in your home.

And a month after his Feb. 7 hill look, Cohen reports to prison for three years.


In short, these sources say, Cohen will offer compelling testimony, but those who expect that he will be able to fire a silver bullet, the rush would be, the President will be bitterly disappointed. Cohen could be a new important information that he has given to Robert Muller in 70 hours of interviews with prosecutors, but if this is so, he will not be able to reveal.

The main limitation, which, as Cohen, is that he doesn’t discuss everything, still under investigation by the special counsel. This means that Cohen, who still can not answer in the hope for a reduction of sentence, to ask questions about the Russian agreement or the planned real estate project in Moscow. It also means he can’t meet the 2016 Trump Tower between Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer (who was recently indicted on money laundering charges).


“I expect that Michael is the testimony personally, not a party to, and convincing,” Lanny Davis, acting up again, as Cohen’s lawyer, told me. “He will describe what he did for Mr Trump for 10 years, he sees now again as already before the court, with shame and regret. And he will explain what prompted him at the 2. To turn July 2018, and put his family and country first; to recognize the dangers for the country, in Mr. Trump’s misconduct and reckless behavior.”

To testify In the interview, Davis implied a further reason for Cohen, the desire.

In view of the fraud and lying charges in the two Cohen Davis, he said, “and many other faith confessions, that the length of the captivity of the time, compared to other, far worse offense, disproportionate, exaggerated and unjust. I hope that someone in the justice-condemned Department focuses on the word “justice” in the assessment of the fairness of Michael’s three years in prison. What you need to ask is, would he have received, this time he would have someone who doesn’t work for Donald Trump?”

The contours of the testimony are likely to thwart Republican members of the oversight committee, chair of the Democrat Elijah Cummings. Some may ask why Cohen is not it, if he is able to answer questions on these important topics.

What is more, they point out that Cohen is a recognized liar and ask why he should be considered to be considered to be trustworthy.

The New York lawyer who wants to explain why he went to work for Trump, why is he ashamed she was for trump, and how he made the decision, last July, on his longtime benefactor, called him a “weak man” and a “rat.”

of this explanation will focus on Cohen’s view is that, while certain behavior might be bearable in a private contractor, the standards are very different, if this person becomes President.

Cohen will offer personal anecdotes about his service to the trombone, and what he has to say as his complicity in the “dirty deeds”, the sources said. This would probably be liable unflattering blasts from the past, but could have little to do with his record as President.


The field in which Cohen can be something light, since it is part of the public record, about the hush money payments to former porn star Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal. Cohen has already said he was going to trump the tender in both cases,—the lawyer paid Daniels $130,000 and was reimbursed by the boss but was able to fill in the key details under questioning.

Dean, who Richard Nixon was in the White house, the Council broke to spend the Watergate coverup and his Senate testimony, and wound up four months in prison. But he knew that the conspiracy from the inside, because he was a participant, before you against Nixon.

Cohen, with never not get the White house job he wanted, is in a similar position, no matter how much the media hype surrounding his statement. But as John Dean, he seems to be the view, the look like a last chance to justify his reputation, before you go to prison.

“My heart goes out to Michael and his family,” Davis, I said. “You are under a lot of duress and stress.”

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