Michael Bloomberg, officially the 2020 Democratic presidential enters primary race

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A video released on Sunday by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg marked the official start of the billionaire 2020 presidential run, a top adviser to Bloomberg, told Fox News.

The one-minute ad, which was posted on social media and offers images of the Bloomberg campaigns in addition to which, during his younger years, pictures of New York City and unflattering pictures of President Trump, is “the introduction of ad,” according to one of his top advisers.

Along with the video, Bloomberg is a written statement on his campaign website, in which he set out to defeat why he is the best candidate for President of the Trump in the next published November.

“I’m running for President to defeat, and Donald Trump rebuild America,” Bloomberg writes.


“We can’t afford four more years of President Trump, the ruthless and immoral acts,” he continued. “He represents an existential threat to our country and our values. If he wins, to stay a further term in office, we can never recover more of the damage.”

There was speculation for months, Bloomberg has donated millions of his own dollars to democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections would give the 2020 fray, but rumors hit an insane place earlier this month, when he completed the papers will be on the Democratic primary ballot in Alabama.

Bloomberg had announced earlier this year that he would not seek the party nomination. But in a statement that was said by Fox News in early November, his political adviser Howard Wolfson, Bloomberg worried that the current crop of Democrats seeking the White house was “defeat is not good,” President Trump placed.


“In the year 2018 [Bloomberg] spent more than $100 million to help choose the Democrats to ensure that Congress began to hold the President accountable,” Wolfson said. “And this year he helped Democrats win control of both houses of the Virginia legislature.”

He added: “now We must finish the job and ensure that Trump is defeated-but Mike is increasingly concerned that is not positioned in the current field of candidates, well, to do that.”

By Bloomberg expected movement, comes amid increasing concern about the Links of the main Democratic candidates, the departure of the candidate drift failed to gain traction – and the speech of other possible late entries.


Bloomberg entrance comes just 10 weeks before the primary voting begins, an unusual move that reflects the fear within the Democratic party on the strength of the current candidates.

As a centrist with close ties to Wall Street, Bloomberg progressive base expected that the fight between the party energized. He was a Democrat only in the last year. But its enormous resources and moderate profile could become attractive, in a primary contest, to refuse, especially in search of the person at the best Trump positioned a second term next November.

Forbes ranks Bloomberg as the 11. richest person in the world in the past year, with a net worth of about $50 billion. Trump, however, was ranked 259th with a net value of just over $3 billion.

Already, Bloomberg has vowed to spend at least $attack 150 million of his fortune on various pieces of the 2020 campaign, including more than $ 100 million for internet advertising Trump between $15 million and $ 20 million on a voter registration drive, largely targeting minority voters, and more than $ 30 million in a first round of TV advertising.

Before the announcement, the last democratic rivals such as Bernie Sanders was rushed to Bloomberg to leave the plans on his personal assets.

“I’m disgusted by the idea that Michael Bloomberg or any other billionaire, you think can bypass the political process and to spend tens of millions of dollars in elections,” Sanders tweeted on Friday.


Elizabeth Warren, a leading progressive candidate, also slammed Bloomberg on Saturday trying to buy the presidency.

“I understand that rich people have more shoes than the rest of us, you have more cars than the rest of us, they are going to more houses,” she said after a campaign stop in Manchester, New Hampshire. “But you don’t get a larger part of the democracy, especially in a Democratic primary. Do we need to do the face-to-face-work, lifts, in which every voice.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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