Mexico detineert 791 migrants-almost half of the children under eight years old

The Mexican border police has 791 illegal immigrants were arrested and detained near the southern border. Among the immigrants were 368 children who are eight years old or younger.

The immigrants have been indefinitely detained in a detention centre. They come mostly from the Central American countries of Guatemala, (419), Honduras (330), and El Salvador (39).

According to the Mexican institute of migration, the nearly eight-hundred migrants from the four trucks, in the south-eastern state of Veracruz have been arrested. 98 the found, the migrants are five years old or younger, while the 270 was about six or seven years of age.

In addition, the mounting of the migrants, six people have been arrested on suspicion of trafficking in human beings. Among them were the four drivers of the vrachtwages it.

The large-scale incarceration is not part of the more stringent border control from Mexico. The members of the Guarda Nacional patrol in the last few months, in greater numbers across the border in the southern part of the country.

The Mexican government has agreed to more stringent controls under the pressure of the Us president, Donald Trump, who is threatening duties, as Mexico does not do more to prevent illegal immigration.


How to US border issue Mexico’s dealt with it before He


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