Mexican cartel massacre: the State, the Department reiterates the commitment to the safety and security of Americans living abroad

to connectVideoAmericans to have been killed in cartel shootout in Mexico

There are at least nine U.s. citizens, including children, were killed by a Mexican drug cartel after they’re ambushed on the road.

The u.s. State Department has reiterated its commitment to the safety and security of Americans visiting or living in Mexico, in the wake of a cartel shooting that claimed the lives of at least nine citizens of the united states, on Monday.

“The safety and well-being of united states citizens in the foreign country that belongs to the Department’s top priority,” a statement from the Ministry of foreign affairs) to read. “As an AMERICAN citizen, is missing, or die in foreign countries, and we are going to work with the local government officials at different levels and provide all the necessary consular assistance.”

The department’s current travel advisory for the state of Sonora remains at a Level of 3, which implies that the visitors will have to “rethink again. It was last updated on April 9, 2019.


For those who have been killed on Monday, including at least six children, and belonged to the de La Mora’s religious community in the north of Mexico, and a decades-old settlement in Sonora state, as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The group was attacked by armed men believed to be affiliated with a drug cartel — while traveling in a convoy of three sport utility vehicles. Alfonso Durazo, Mexico city’s top security official, said the gunmen may have as to their caravan for a rival drug cartel.

The six children are believed to have been injured, five were transported to a hospital in Arizona.



In spite of the State Department with the update of its travel advisory for Sonora, or Mexico in general, as of Tuesday morning, the country’s current travel advisory warning citizens to “exercise heightened caution in Mexico because of the crime and the child”, especially in areas that are at a higher risk.

La Mora is located in Sonora, near the border of Chihuahua. Both the Mexican states and is currently under a Level 3 advisory. “Violent crime and gang activity are widespread in the Chihuahua,” according to the State Department, although the advisory committee notes that the majority of murders are committed between organized crime outfits and gangs. “Bystanders are injured or killed in the shooting incident,” the State Department notes.

Sonora, meanwhile, has been described as “a key location that is to be used, by the international drug trade and human trafficking networks.” If the State Department wrote, however, in the north of Sonora, where the La Mora it is situated in “experience much lower levels of crime than the cities closer to Sinaloa and other parts of Mexico.”

The State Department lists more ideas for the Americans who are in the foreign country at the Mexico-Travel Advice, including the precautions to take and areas to avoid.


As a representative of the State Department was not immediately available for comment, further precautions are recommended for U.S. Citizens in foreign countries.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, and Caleb Parke, as well as the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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