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Controversy about rep Sheila Jackson Lee airline seat

Passenger claims she was bumped from her first-class seat in favor of the Democrat, from Texas; has play race a role? Reaction and analysis from conservative radio host Larry O’connor and democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins.

A United passenger, whose first-class seat was given on a recent flight from Houston to DC, fire Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee back to the democratic members of Congress, the accusations of racism – while the challenge of the airline’s account of the incident.

Jean-Marie Simon, a lawyer and a private-school teacher, was suffering the latest face of the passenger, if you in detail on Facebook, and later the media, how she lost her seat in the Texas legislature.

However, despite a statement from United to try to explain to them the switch-out, you give up the fight. And the Congressman’s response – calling for, in essence, Simon made a scene, because Jackson Lee, an African-American woman, is an “easy target” – not quiet the water.

Simon, in an interview with Fox News, rejected the racism charge.

“You had Donald Duck in my seat,” Simon, a Democrat, told Fox News on Thursday. “I couldn’t see who was on Board the flight. I didn’t know who she was.”

Jean-Marie Simon, left, and rep Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.


Simon originally accused United, you stumble out of your first-class seat on a Dec. 18 flight to space for the Texas Congressman.

At first, Simon didn’t know who was in your seat, as you argued in front of the gate. United finally gave her a $500 voucher and reseated her in the economy plus section. In their original Facebook post, Simon said another Texas Congressman, then a member of the delegation was in your seat, and “regularly does this” on the passengers.

“I couldn’t see who was on Board the flight. I didn’t know who she was.’

– United passenger Jean-Marie Simon, the response to Rep. Jackson Lee is claiming racism

Simon went to take a photo by Jackson Lee, a tense encounter with a flight attendant who allegedly threatened to remove them, and fought with the airline, since you came home.

On one front, United claims Simon lost your seat because you cancelled your flight via the app (which she denies). And on another, Jackson Lee amassed, the chalks this week of the reissue of their statement, to Simon ‘ s dissatisfaction to racial animus.

“There is no mistake of me, the way to act as the single rail, after consideration, was because I was an African American woman, which was seemingly an easy target with the Afro-American flight attendant, very, very nice,” she wrote. “It makes me sad, especially in this time of the year, in the face of all the things to work we have and to help people. But in the spirit of the season, and from the sincerity of my heart, if it is perceived that I had nothing to do with this, I’m friendly enough to just say sorry.”

Simon focuses all their energy on dealing with United, Jackson, Lee, but he told Fox News, “The only way she is relevant, she has a documented history of demanding first-class service.”

Asked for comment, Jackson Lee’s spokesman Rucks Russell said in a statement: “The Congressman regrets the inconvenience that may have caused your trip to each passenger, but in this question includes the passenger and United Airlines.”


The 63-year-old passenger says, your beef is mostly with United and how they treated you. She also suggested that the airline is trying to shame the age, your.

“I’m not some AARP grandmother, who don’t know how to use a phone,” she said. “I know how to cancel that flight and I can’t cancel this flight.”

It is not yet clear what happened that day.

Simon uses the 140,000 miles for frequent flyers on Dec. To buy 3, your first-class ticket from Washington, D.C., to Guatemala and back. On your way home, you had a layover at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

Simon said scanned, the attendant your ticket, but your reservation has been removed from the system. At this point, the member of Congress was already in the first class, and Simon finally got the economy plus seat.

United later a app cancellation of Simon attributed to the incident.

The official statement from the airline said they “thoroughly investigated” their electronic records, and found that after receiving a notification that the flight 788 is delayed due to weather, the customer cancelled their flight from Houston to Washington, DC in the United mobile app.”

The statement continued, “As part of the normal pre-boarding process, the gate agents started clearing the standby and upgrade customers including the first customer on the list for an upgrade, wait. We were able to make this customer a seat on the same flight in economy plus.”

Simon rejects the explanation.

“Why should I cancel ever, the second segment?” Simon said on Thursday. “United furnished no proof that I cancelled the operation. And why I didn’t keep fighting?”

Although United will be credited to your 140,000 miles, what Simon really wants is an apology from the company top brass.

You tweeted that a “low-level employee at a call center,” said sorry over the phone but that he has not been even informed on the details of your complaint.

United has NOT apologized. A low-level employee at a call centre said he was sad on the phone. The voucher I received, was United with the idea of compensation for cancelled flight, and Ms. Jackson-Lee. Please correct your story.

— Jean-Marie Simon (@JeanMarieSimon1) December 26, 2017

After a week, United are not the proof provided, I cancelled 12/18 flight. United returned my miles, but no announcement of United; NBC/Houston, told me yesterday. UPS delivered my letter to United legal and customer service demanding an apology. No Answer. @United @AP @Houston chron

— Jean-Marie Simon (@JeanMarieSimon1) December 27, 2017

She also took to Facebook on Wednesday to ask where is the evidence that you cancelled your flight.

Asked on Thursday about discrepancies between United and Simon-account of how a U.S. official told Fox News that their records the flight clearly show was canceled via the app and not by a gate agent, or other third parties.

The official said that their internal coding reflects cancelled the flight about a half hour before the original take-off time, after you clear the flight was delayed for over an hour. The Congressman was then threaded for the seat, because she was at the top of the upgrade list thanks to your global services status, the official said.

Although Simon stubbornly she denies canceled your flight, the said official, it is possible that this could be done accidentally.

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