MEROL wins Song of the Year 3voor12 with the Love of Your Jaw, And a Million to Me

MEROL wins Song of the Year 3voor12 with the Love of Your Jaw, And a Million to Me

The number to Keep in Your Mouth, And it Strips Me of the singer MEROL (28), and has been named to the 3voor12 Song of the Year. At the same festival in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, it was Friday night and the winner will be announced.

“This award is the crowning glory of an absolutely wonderful year for me. I think it’s amazing that, Hold Your Mouth, And the Bands I want to see in between, Nirvana, Radiohead, and the other legendary bands,” according to the winning girl.

The song is the first English song by a woman to win the award. “It is a feminist pamphlet, and in the year in which the women are really popwereld, they have conquered: that Year, Lizzo! Uh, and Merol, so, according to Merol.

Merel Baldé, such as the singer’s real name, began her career on the stage, and performed in the musical “Soldier of Orange”. By 2018, it broke them big with this song and go out With The Girls. On the 29th of december, will close its club tour in the big room of Paradiso, amsterdam.

This is the second time that a female one act of domestic or foreign Song of the year, and knows how to win, after the Band in the year 2000. One of the top 5 this year, more than ever, is dominated by the Dutch. In addition, the American pop star, Actress Eilish Bad Guy and 2) there are 3 high-speed (class Reunion), 4 Danny (Leading), and 5 of the Contest-the winner, I think She (the Arcade).

For the 3voor12 Song of the Year 1985 are presented. During the past year, the Utrecht-based band, Kensington, with the title off the number One.

A Man In Need the best of the album

Well, it was Friday night and the 3voor12 Award in 2019 at the latest for the best album award. He went to the William for a single Man In Need of help. He won the VPRO award Friday night from the hands of Eva Koreman. It is a member of the rapformatie The Opposites and made for a very candid album, in a pitch-black period in his life.

The judges on the winning album, “a Man In Need, it is an album of what we’re talking about ten years time. An incredible come-back with important social issues would write to raise it from a personal story, as well as, moreover, musically breathtaking, it is being produced.”

And the award for the best album of this year for the sixteenth time it is issued. During the past year, hip hop artist, Ray Fuego, with the price, of course.

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