Merkel calls on EU to be in control of their own destiny, after Trump’s visit, climate change decision-making

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that “the last days” you have shown that member States of the European Union need to be friends with the United States and great Britain, but also “our fate is in their own hands to maintain.”

Not to mention Angela Merkel, the President of Trump by name, but their comments were widely interpreted as a reaction to the President’s back, join ended in six other countries, Reaffirming their commitment to the 2015 Paris climate agreement at the G-7 summit in Sicily on Sunday.

“The times in which we can count, the other a little more, as I have experienced in the last few days,” Merkel said on Sunday at a campaign event in Bavaria. “And therefore, I can only say: We Europeans must really our fate in our own hands.”

Merkel and other foreign leaders trying to persuade Trump to the Pact to join the calls for reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, which are thought to contribute to climate change.

Trump, called the previously, climate change is a “hoax,” he said announce it would be his decision on the accession of the accord sometime this week. The White house argues that the U.S. emissions standards are tougher than those of China, India, and others, and therefore American companies at a disadvantage.

His attitude had not led Merkel to describe the climate-to say the talks as “very difficult, if, to be very unsatisfactory.”

Despite the divergence on climate policy, and in spite of the trump-the administration first speaks of “America” policy and the ongoing criticism of Germany for its massive trade surplus, the G-7 heads of state and government has reaffirm vows to combat protectionism “and a commitment to open our markets.”

They also agreed to step up pressure on North Korea to closer cooperation in the fight against terrorism, on the possibility of imposing more sanctions on Russia, over the role in the conflict in Ukraine.

Merkel urged the EU to maintain members, “good-neighborly relations, wherever possible” with Russia and other countries, then said, “But we must know that we must fight for our future and our fate, that we as Europeans. And this is what I want to do with you.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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