Merel Westrik takes to be vulnerable is not a weakness

Merel Westrik is not something to be on tv, just being, but actually a sign of strength. The show is her television show, Ladies Night, featuring well-known women talk about sometimes difficult topics, and find it to be important that they and their guests will be honest with each other.

“There are a lot of people who know how the world works. I belong to the category to which it does not at all know. And I think that doubt is very healthy,” said the 39-year-old tv presenter, in conversation with

“I think that it’s best to be vulnerable and say that you don’t know how something works or how something is put together. That you are a person that is good to know and a question they dare to ask. So, I don’t believe there is a vulnerability, a weakness, and I believe that it is a very big place.”

Ladies Night will start on Wednesday 16 October, at 21.30 on Net5. In the program of talking to famous and lesser known women of their notice, in the news, on social media, and in the course of their daily lives. Among others, Linda de Mol, Olcay Gülşen, Fidan Ekiz and Roxeanne Hazes slide, as well as a criminal lawyer She a Harlequin, and an entrepreneur Annemarie van Gaal will have a say.

Very exciting, but also

It is the first to Westrik, at the transmitter, after augustus announced the change from the RTL 4 Net5 to. The show is a new adventure: in the past, presented as breaking News.

“Of course, I can feel the tension. You start out at anything new, which doesn’t exist yet, and that’s always very exciting to watch. I would really lie if I would say that I’m all that very loosely have to do. But I do enjoy it, also to great success. I think we will go with a lot of enthusiastic people to be an incredibly nice program, so I can’t wait to get started.”

A similar program in the Netherlands, it does not yet exist, it creates it more challenging. But according to the Westrik is also quiet, it is unlike anything else. The station will Westrik, in any case, it’s time to get with the program. “We’re going to be really well successful. The program, for the period of time in order to grow to be the very best form of it you can have it.”

Ladies Night is from the 16th of October, every Wednesday at 21.30 on Net5.

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