Mercedes Schlapp: Dems a “big gamble” with Mueller probe and ‘you ‘ lost’

in the vicinity ofthe video floppy: Democrats have two years thus spent, building consultation narrative

White House Strategic communications Director Mercedes Limp appeared on “The Ingraham angle,” on Monday night and slammed the house Democrats ‘” ongoing efforts to indict the President after the completion of the Miller investigation.

Limp began to Express that the “ultimate goal” for house Democrats, impeachment is “” even after the Attorney-General, Bill Barr, together with the summary of the Mueller report shows that the evidence shows that President Donald Trump is not the cooperation with Russia, nor was there enough evidence to prove obstruction of justice, something she thinks has to provide the speaker of the house of representatives.

“I think it makes Nancy Pelosi nervous. She says, ‘Well, we could want the night there. We need a bipartisan effort to move in the direction of the prosecution, ” but for the Democrats from the first day at your destination – and you have to run to the trial, the charges of the President,” Limp Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said. “And so I think that the American people are looking clear. I think we know that the Democrats went too far. They were ruthless in this process. They were the case of irresponsible in relation to the for two years, spend hours after hours after hours, the construction of this narrative structure of this, that the President, in cooperation with the Russians. And Müller report, of course, as we know, the President is fully released from liability.”

The top White House official said the “brilliance” of the trump is that he is “resilient” in spite of the burdens that came from the Müller-probe.


“This President has been in high gear, he has focused on the economy, on the trade agreement, the continued on securing the border and does not stop to fight every day for the American people” to pass out. “And I must say, it really shows that the Democrats – you have made a great game and that you lost because you thought this Mueller report your win key was going to.”

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