Mercedes-Benz demonstrates futuristic van with built-in bezorgdrones

Mercedes-Benz demonstrates futuristic van with built-in bezorgdrones

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a special van developed that packages deliver via drones on the roof. This puts the company millions in a dronemaker.

Mercedes-Benz develops its Vision Of together with dronemaker Matternet, the company informs Wednesday. The dronemaker speaks of an investment of ‘several millions’.

The Vision Of an electric bezorgbus of the same size as a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but with a fully automated pakketsysteem there. That system know which package should be delivered, and indicates that through a hatch in the roof on a Matternet M2-drone.

The driver gets a call when he has to stop so the drone can lift off, allowing it to deliver packages more efficiently should be. So, the driver less often, and having drones is not such a big range.

View the Vision Of

Same day delivery

The drone could also be a package that may deliver to a delivery person who has already departed. So, sites may delivery on the same day promise. The Matternet M2-drone can, without human intervention, a package up to two pounds of take and give.

The electric Vision, meanwhile, has a range of up to 270 kilometers. Currently, there are already about 200 people for Mercedes-Benz to new methods of delivery.

The German automaker is going over the next five years 500 million euro to invest in digitisation, automation and robotics. It is not yet known if the Vision or the technology that Mercedes-Benz and Matternet show is actually available.

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