Men more likely to be lonely than women

Men more likely to be lonely than women

550.000 Dutch say lonely. Among these there are more men than women.

In 2015 were to 330,000 men, and nearly 220,000 in women are lonely, according to research from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). The greatest is this difference in people of middle age (45 to 65 years): seven percent of men and four percent of women is lonely. The lonely men is eighteen percent single.

People of 75 years or older are more likely to be lonely than young people: seven percent (70,000) of them live in solitude. Among 15 – to 25-year olds is two percent.


According to the CBS has loneliness at later age, mainly due to a poorer health. “The elderly are less mobile making them less likely to have contact with others”, says the statistical agency.

In general, people are lonely as they miss something in their social contacts, the CBS. This can be: too few contacts or a lack of emotional support. “Someone with few contacts, is not, by definition, lonely.”

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