Men in Black actor Rip Torn (88) passed away

Actor Rip Torn, known for roles in Men in Black, 30 Rock, ” and “Marie Antoinette” on Tuesday at the age of 88, has died. That is reported in The Guardian on Wednesday.

Tom started his acting career in the mid-fifties, and it became more and more famous due to the role of Judas in the Nicholas Ray King of Kings and the wealthy gambler Slade in ” The Cincinnatti Kid. In the more than sixty years, he performed in nearly two hundred films.

A lot of people, he was known for his role as Zed in the original Men in Black series, as well as the netwerkbaas Don’s Cues in de comedyserie 30 Rock. Also, did he have the voice of Zeus in disney’s Hercules.

Was Torn (in the role of Jack Nicholson in “Easy Rider” played, but he was replaced after an accident in the planning phase. Opponent, Dennis Hopper claimed, decades after Tom with a knife, it would have to be drawn. Tom opened a case and said that the Conservative party had a knife pulled on. Tom won the case and received a compensation of 475.000 dollars.

I worked on @nbc30rock with #RipTorn, in the role of Don’s Cues, the head of GE.
He was a deeply committed, phenomenal actor.
See you down the road, Rip.
You wonderful madman.

AvatarAuteurABFalecbaldwinMoment of plaatsen03:07 am – July 10, 2019 at the latest

Actor Alec Baldwin, who, with Tom, working on the hit series 30 Rock, a tribute on Twitter.

Eccentric, with unpredictable nature

In addition to a career in a wide variety of roles, had the actor and also the reputation of being eccentric, with an unpredictable character, both inside and outside the film industry. He was, in march of 2010, yet was arrested when he was drunk and armed, had broken into a bank. The actor said that he thought it was his own home. He was acknowledged to be guilty, and empire, as a prison sentence.

Tom popped up in the meantime, until 2012, the year in multiple movies and tv series on it. That was the premium films as The Insider, Wonder Boys, Marie Antoinette, but it is also baldadige comedies such as Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, nilson-sign, and Freddy Got Fingered. In this cult film, he played like a savage, the father of comedian Tom Green. That left Wednesday on Twitter to know feel proud that he was able to work with. “Rest in peace, Rip,” writes Green.

Just heard the sad news that the great Rip Torn, has passed away. Rip you were a class act. He was an incredible actor. One of the greats. A true legend. I am proud to have worked with him and to have known him. Rest in peace, Rip.

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