‘Men get earlier and more wrinkles than women’

‘Men get earlier and more wrinkles than women’

Men get rather wrinkles than women, and get there first. Women get this after their 75th year of life, however, and end up with more wrinkles.

That concludes dermatologist Merel Hammer of the Erasmus MC, after investigation, published Thursday in the journal Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

For her study made Hammer digital photos of the faces of 3.800 participants in the age from 51 to 98 years. They are a part of, ERGO, the Erasmus Rotterdam Health Research, since a number of years is carried out in the Rotterdam district of Ommoord.

Up to 75 years to turn out men strikingly more wrinkles to their face is up to 4.5 percent from wrinkles, for women it is 3.6 percent. After this age, women are catching up. Women also have wrinkles in other places, including the upper lip. Men have more of a “burden” of lines on their forehead. According to Hammer, has this to do with the structure of the skin on the upper lip, that more firmly is fuller facial hair.


Possible cause differences in the hormone levels that men previously wrinkles. “Although in this study no relationship was found, it may be that female sex hormones protect against the development of wrinkles. Furthermore, it is striking that women with relatively high testosterone in the blood, and women who have pattern baldness to show less wrinkles.”

Risk factors are smoking and sunlight, but also a low BMI. “A little bit of fat under the skin reduces the depth of wrinkles. And: the more glasses of alcohol a woman drinks, the more wrinkles she has.”

It is remarkable that Northern European skin types (type 1, 2 and 3), the whitest skin, the least soon as simple develops. “We think that people with type 1 skin is so burned that they avoid the sun, or protected with sunscreen.” Development people with this type of skin before pigment spots, which can also be a sign of skin aging. “We therefore think that each skin type in a different way aging.”

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