“Men develop more heart failure at a younger age than women’

“Men develop more heart failure at a younger age than women’

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Men at a younger age develop more heart failure than women. There are significant differences between men and women.

Cardiologist Sven Meyer of the University Medical Center Groningen investigated the clinical characteristics of men and women who are hospitalized for heart failure. Meyer was promoted on 21 september at the University of Groningen.

Men are more likely to have heart failure with a reduced pump function and also developing this more often at a younger age than in women. This is especially the result of heart attacks.

Heart pumps the heart not enough blood around. There arise then complaints such as fatigue or problems with fluid retention. It is often the result of disease of the heart muscle.


Characteristic for women is that they have significantly higher age, heart failure to develop than men. Women have a higher risk of developing heart failure with preservation of function.

Atrial fibrillation, where the heart rate is irregular and usually too high, indicates a specific increased risk of heart failure in women. Women have a better prognosis than male patients. What their better survival declares, is not clear.

In addition to forms of chronic heart failure examined Meyer also acute heart failure. His research shows that the risk for men and women with acute heart failure is similar with men. In addition, he shows that the outcomes in acute heart failure in the hospital and after discharge are similar between men and women.


According to Meyer, it is notable that certain biomarkers in women with heart failure less high concentrations in the blood to see, while in general women understand higher concentrations. A biomarker is a substance produced by an increase or decrease in the blood is an indicator of a particular disease

This calls, according to him, for in order to further investigate which biological processes, the real difference between men and women in the forms of heart failure, on the part.

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