Members O G3ne knew after winning The Voice ‘what she wanted’

Members O G3ne knew after winning The Voice ‘what she wanted’

The sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol, the group O G3ne knew after winning the Voice two years ago, “what she wanted”. Friday appears the debut album of the group.

“We have deliberately chosen to be not equal after The Voice with an album to come, because we first put our name wanted to settle down and people with us wanted to make,” says Amy (20) against

According to the sisters broke after winning the talent show a whole career before they open. Now she’s two years further on and they have the idea that only but has become larger. “I think that our hard struggle, hard work, challenge and know very well what you want to contribute,” says Amy. “You must be against setbacks.”

The sisters, who, in 2007, the Netherlands were represented in the Junior Eurovision song Contest, saying this was supported by to find each other. According to Lisa, (22) let the girls through, no one to tell them what to do, but they choose their own way. “It’s your career. If your career ends, then jumps to another like a flea on to another artist.”

“You should never something to leave to talk what you don’t want. You should not be crazy and enjoy the moments that you are successful”, conclude the girls.


The new album from the group is entirely in English. “We wanted to have one purpose and one sound. The alternation between Dutch and English songs does not work. What you ultimately want to achieve, you should right start,” says Lisa.

The members have the ambition to be in the future also internationally. On the album We Got This worked both national and international writers. ly consciously, they say. “We are now mainly focusing on the Netherlands, but we hear rather often that our sound ‘international worthy”.”

“It makes us, in principle, not who the writer of a song, we choose the best songs,” says Shelley (20).


Lisa, Amy and Shelley were in the past, children’s music. After winning the Voice, their sound, according to the girls ‘matured’. “A new name and new looks. To make ourselves good in the Netherlands, can drop,” explains Amy.

“A lot of people ask us if we have already been approached by foreign countries. But we have not yet really been, because it’s just non-stop pressure has been in the Netherlands”, says Lisa. “And it takes real effort to what to put down abroad, because that is not easy, and there you also have the time for,” adds Shelley.

It is intended that the album of O’G3ne also in Belgium is going to appear. “But we’ll make a start and then we’ll see during our tour, and in the months of november and december or we have a little more time to get to some neighbouring areas.”

The new album, We Got This from O G3ne appears Friday.

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