Meh enjoy it despite the compliment, the arbitrator is not of the “grandiose goal”‘

Stijn Spierings was on Sunday, on behalf of manchester city on the final against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands, and lost with the team, and (c) if the Marbles (1 to 3). Even a compliment from the referee, Marc Nagtegaal was disappointed not to eliminate it altogether in the midfield.

Meh, took an hour and fifteen minutes before the time of a chopped ball after the bounce on his shoe, and he saw his effort from over 20 metres away from the bottom of the bar should be behind the losing Warner in the late evening.

In so doing, the 23-year-old midfielder, right, on behalf of the Waalwijkers, after Wigan, in the first half by Rodney Kongolo is on the lead from there. In the final stage, made by Jens Odgaard and Otherwise, Dreyer’s Freezing, still with the three points.

“The end result will have the good sense of that goal in a way. Of course, it’s a great goal, and at that time it was very important, but at the end of the day, you will have zero points and that’s what you’re looking at”, lamented Meh afterwards to FOX Sports.

However, the scot with a proud look on his efficient swing. “I do think, however, that this is the most beautiful goal I have ever made in myself. We found it difficult to pass through it, so I thought to myself: “I can shoot from a distance.”

“Last year, I’ve been there a number of binnengeschoten, but this season, the wild haven’t much success, so I would have him do with some a few moments.”

Stijn Spierings and crack it on behalf of his side in a cute manner, in the second half, within, against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The complement of an arbitrator for “astonishing goal”‘

Due to his phenomenal goal, they came out Meh, but good on you to stand by referee Marc Nagtegaal, who is in Dublin, his League debut was made.

“I was in the first half, with a couple of words with him, which I wasn’t about to speak to him it was. After the goal, he came up to me to say that it was an incredible goal it was. I do, however, appreciate that”, and smiled, Meh.

The disappointment is paramount, however, particularly because of his side after the 1-1 in the majority of claims made on just one hit, but then the door slammed in his face came from.

“The feeling was there, especially in the us, that we in the end were still able to win, we don’t have the opportunity for it”, was Meh. “Well, who are 2-1, just make it. In football, you will know that it’s there, on the other hand, is going to fall.”

Due to the defeat by Wigan continue to reduce the backlog of hekkensluiter his side in ADO Den Haag, which is second-to-last state to four points. The delay in the clearance of the sixteenth meeting-place, where now, PEC Zwolle, it is five percent.

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